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  1. IDE Component Issue ?

    > Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the default sizing of components when placed on a form consecutively? I think I've seen it too in old SMS couple of times, my guess is that during drag drop, SMS treats pressed mouse as request to resize control and depending on how you drop it and move mouse it shrinks.
  2. problem, maybe...

    > In the current ALPHA, you are also able to define custom "width"/"height" values for > TApplication.ShowDialog calls. Also consider adding AutoSized dialog. In most cases one would change default width/height when text that's showing is too big so he'll use GetTextWidth/Height to get true size and adjust dialog size accordingly.
  3. onkeyup-down

    > Yes, i've used OnKeyDown on mainform. but calling setfocus in InitializeForm gives no result. Are you using new alpha? If so, perhaps you need to flag that you intend to listen for keys, I know it's mandatory for custom controls to add cfKeyCapture to CreationFlags, but I'm not sure about added forms and controls on it, check. Alternative is of course to just use MYForm.Handle.addEventListener and make a classic JS event.
  4. The Grid - 6 ways to skin a cat

    Thanks for this, I never heard before of web components and it's canvas grid. During last RTL provided grid was unusable and since I needed a grid capable of showing hundreds of items, I've ended up writing one based on HTMLTableElement which was fast but hard to control (columns, scrolling). I would be very curios to know how all these grids (together with new SMS grid) behaves in large dataset (10+ columns with thousands of records).
  5. Floating modeless forms

    > Taking my first serious look at SMS and investigating if it's possible to > create floating modeless forms to produce an MDI-style interface. I can see that the > default form doesn't have a border, title bar etc - is there any sample > code around demonstrating a more Delphi-like form? Perhaps Smart Desktop Demo is good starting point, take a look at http://quartexhq.myasustor.com/for demo https://bitbucket.org/hexmonks/clientfor ReadMe and code and https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/?s=smart+desktopfor documentation
  6. Smart 2.9.9 [alpha] is here!

    Thanks for clarification. What happens if I'm listening on two different events in child and parent, OnClick in child and OnMouseDown in parent. Will I only get OnClick for child or both?
  7. Smart 2.9.9 [alpha] is here!

    > There's also a post about the new EventManager: I suggest to add this to help itself or SMS website. Few questions about it: 1) To use EventManager is it enough to just include SmartCL.EventManager or we actually need to create one EventManager per form? 2a) What if I want to handle same event on several places, on label, then on panel etc? It's easy to do so in JS, but from your article on Facebook group it seems that propagating same event to parent control will not work, it would stop at label since it has "touch or movement related events on the control. For example: OnClick or OnMouseDown". 2b) Article also suggest it would stop at first label if it has any kind of related event (Click for example). What if I want to handle onMouseUp in parent and OnClick in label (two different events)?
  8. Scrolling with Components inside Panel Alpha vs Old RTL

    > Hi, i've run a test program under each RTL with chrome mobile dev > tools(Ctrl-Shift-I) and it seems tw3buttons under the new alpha > ignore the scrolling functionality of a panel they belong too. What do you mean, I've tried both links and aside styling differences I don't see anything else, scrolling behaves the same (latest Chrome).
  9. shoestring framework

    > neither link works for me ...open up OK for me.
  10. node, mysql and socket.io

    > I haven't tried anything like this before but...With a pro version of SMS is > it be possible to write a server side app that talks to our websites mySQL > database via node?Or do I need the full enterprise SMS package? It is, I don't know what are the differences in new version of SMS but in existing, Enterprise basically offered RemObject/DataSnap support. If you work with mORMot or NodeJS as backend, pro version is good enough.
  11. item external

    What makes sense for me is having all project files within one zip file by default, it's really easy to to move everything where you want, to share code samples etc. That doesn't prevent sharing units between several projects, it just helps keeping all tidy.
  12. TW3HeaderControl - issues

    > 2. Introduce a new event: OnObjectReady, which would be > triggered after the ObjectReady has been run in the component. That way > you could initialize your code like this: I think this is better, just make sure to document it properly and update all examples to new use pattern.
  13. Editable Combobox?

    > Was just wondering if there is any solutions to making, say, > and "Other" field, that when selected turns the combobox into an edit box? You can turn editbox into combo, take a look at datalist tag where you can specify list of values. https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_datalist.asp Existing RTL doesn't have it, but perhaps new one has support for it. If not you can do something yourself, perhaps easiest is to directly replace innerHTML for editbox.
  14. > Excellent, I got this working > var originalContents = document.body.innerHTML; > document.body.innerHTML = printContents; > window.print(); > document.body.innerHTML = originalContents; Just an idea, better approach (note that I don't know if it would work) would be to create a new window, set it's document body, print and then delete that Temp window. Thay way you do not messup with active document body.
  15. Input box validation error messages or incorrect data tooltips

    > then i know that css will trigger as i hover over the component, but > how do i define in SMS or elsewhere, what the conditions required > are for the :invalid or :valid keywords to fire? You can't really, :invalid is pseudo class and it isn's directly possible to assign them. AFAIK there's no validation callback event that would allow you to perform validation instead of default one that input box does. However try this, in some cases it works. EditBox.Handle.setCustomValidity('Invalid value'); This will asign custom invalid message and sometimes setting that also marks field as invalid. If that doesn't work then you can do it yourself. Assign event that's called after key press or on Exit or whenever you want validation to occur. In that event check if input is valid if not then assign custom class to EditBox, something like EditBox.CSSClasses.Add('InvalidInput'); Also in css configure InvalidClass to show something (like additional box over editbox). > As an example, Facebook basically does more or less what i want to do with > Essentially if you hit 'Create Account' with incorrect data in the fields, > they get a red border and a small tool-tip message, the border > is easy, the message is less so for me. Just assign some class to EditBox (like in above example) and then define that class in css to display rectangle with additional message. Check this link, https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_tooltip.asp, it displays tooltip next to element, and tooltip is just a custom css class that you have to define yourself.