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  1. Test Topic

    Was that necessary? if so, I could just create a test or random forum
  2. LineBreak

    It had been promised in 2014 by Eric, so yea, we should I'd say. Maybe in SmartCL.System?
  3. Smart 2.9.9 [alpha] is here!

    The final steps are currently being done, the update will be pushed as soon as this has been finished. A matter of days as far as I can estimate.
  4. New forum software version

    Okay, uploading profile banners with up to 500KB should work now for standard users as well. Let me know if there still exist problems.
  5. Dear Smart community! we are proud to announce that we finished updating the software of our forums, as you might have noticed. If you encounter bugs, please let us know about them so that we can take care of them as soon as possible. Stuff like clearing notifications, editing profile settings, setting profile pics should work now without problems. Wishing you all the best!
  6. problem, maybe...

    Thank you, this might be a useful addition for the future!
  7. ShowDialog improvement

    Okay, thank you. I will try to have a look at it!
  8. problem, maybe...

    In the current ALPHA, you are also able to define custom "width"/"height" values for TApplication.ShowDialog calls. This had been requested by the community and was added to the RTL recently.
  9. Trial License

    You're welcome! If there is anything else we can help you with, just let us know!
  10. Documentation

    Thank you Marcus, and please excuse my inactivity. I has in hollidays and returned just now. The problems with our payment system are exclusively related to renewing inactive subscriptions (as far as I am informed), and the case we're currently having an issue with is a very rare one. Normal customers should have no problem buying SMS, even now. There are reasons we're using a foreign payment system. And they are of different natures. One being that we started using it years ago and just haven't seen a valid reason to dismiss it until now. It works fine for 99.99% of the customers, and offers individualized payment methods for any location on the planet. We decided to "outsource" this because we do not want to put unnecessarily much time into developing an own one if there exist plenty of good ones on the market already. Another reason is the legal aspect: We cannot offer a system ourselves which is compatible with the legal systems of every country, so we are leaving this all up to a company whose business this is. Instead, we put those hours into improving the IDE, RTL and offering the best possible support and assistance for our users. We're a very small team, and only one of us does this as a full-time activity at the moment. Which means we can't just put one whole working power into maintaining and developing an own payment system. The same applies to the forums. With the only difference that there are real problems with it at the moment and we're already in the planning process of upgrading it to a newer software version in the very close future, once the 3.0 version has been released. I can understand your disappointment about the demos, and I can only tell you what I've told others: We've went through a terrible and hard crisis in our team and the project in the recent years. It wasn't far away from being over, but for about a year now we've reorganized, purged and merged together and almost caught up completely. It will take a few more weeks, but we're doing our very best to be as fast and precise as possible to not letting you notice anything of what happened. I hope I could answer your questions with the best possible information and I hope you give us the chance to become what you expect from us. We're working hard on it everyday.
  11. Unknown name "Char"

    This is the official way we recommend. And no, it did not work in previous versions, at least not in the predecessor of 2.9.9 ALPHA, as you can see on the attached screenshot. I am really sorry there has to be done this workaround, but that's just "how it is". If you don't want to declare an extra type for this, just use String in any context, it will behave 100% like Char because System.Types.Char is only an alias for System.String.
  12. Alpha Release TW3Listbox?

  13. Unknown name "Char"

    Unfortunately, "Char" is not an intrinsic type in both JS and SmartPascal, equally to "Byte". This means you have to declare it manually as a "String" or use System.Types in your unit.
  14. Documentation

    Thank you for your feedback, but there must have been a typo in my late-night reply. What I wanted to say was: "weeks". I am really sorry for this. As for the points you mentioned: Could you please tell us which problems you have encountered with our payment system? The application demos are being fixed at the moment and will be fully-functional at the release version. Some still need to be adjusted or re-written, but we're on it. The docs are something we'll be addressing once the actual release is done. Unfortunately, there hasn't ever been a Mac version of SMS and there won't be one in the close future. This is not exclusively related to us, it's also a point that both the IDE and the Smart Pascal compiler wouldn't be able to run on a system different from Windows because some of the frameworks and libs it is using do not support OS/X. There might be found a way in the future, but it's not our current main business. About the forum, I do not know what exactly you mean, could you please give us some details? Please also keep in mind that we're continuously updating the Alpha which means that you can always get the latest stable release by running the SmartUpdate.exe file in your SMS Alpha directory. Once the final 3.0 has been released we'll of course offer a professional setup as used to.
  15. Save and load SQLite Database to local storage

    Do you mean the TStringStream? That's identical to Delphi's TStringStream, see the official Emb DocWiki for more info: http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/Libraries/Tokyo/en/System.Classes.TStringStream The only difference as of now is that this TStringStream is derived directly from TMemoryStream whereas Delphi's also implements the TByteStream class.