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  1. CSS Theming issues

    update if css is switched to iOS.css then the border on TW3IFrameHTMLElement does work (i.e., it disappears). TWImage still shows border.
  2. CSS Theming issues

    Drop a panel on a form - set ThemeBorder to btNone and - no border - excellent Drop TW3Image or TW3IFrameHTMLElement and do the same and you continue to have a border displayed. Even if I try to add in CSS to the custom css file I continue to see borders around these components. It is driving me to distraction.
  3. Onclick failure when switching TW3Editbox on iOS.

    Sorry Jarto, only just woken up - we will post some code today
  4. Running two IDEs

    Sounds like feasible workaround I will give that a go.
  5. Sleep?

    Just updating this thread as the code above no longer works FTimer := TW3EventRepeater.Create(function(Sender: TW3CustomRepeater):TW3RepeatResult begin showmessage('Yup 1 second later'); end,1000); }
  6. Running two IDEs

    That works but it is quite clunky. Would it be possible for second IDE to shut the browser down if it finds a copy running?
  7. SmartCL.theme,

    my bad, i updated an earlier project. please ignore suggestion
  8. SmartCL.theme,

    Might be a good idea to add SmartCL.theme, to standard project otherwise you end up with syntax errors
  9. Onclick failure when switching TW3Editbox on iOS.

    Bug still present in
  10. Alpha InsertRule CSS Error

    Still broken in
  11. Appears to be fixed in
  12. IDE Component Issue ?

    Yes 5 buttons and 5 editboxes
  13. IDE Component Issue ?

    I have tried again e.g. I click on editbox in ribbon - I then click on the form - it behaves as expected every time.
  14. IDE Component Issue ?

    I have just updated to 17/11 alpha version and tried this and I cannot replicate.
  15. Running two IDEs

    When a second IDE is opened and a program is run you receive a bind error. Would it be possible for the second IDE to adjust the server to listen to a different port?