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  1. SmartCL.theme,

    What is a standard project? Do you mean a "Visual Components Project"? If so, it is already added by default when creating the project.
  2. IDE Component Issue ?

    I have changed to a brand new i7 machine with 32gb RAM and I did a fresh install of SMS Alpha, with updates and I am still experiencing this on the first try
  3. Well, ultimately, I was just trying to look at the database contents to make sure that the items I was creating (tables, tows, ect) were actually getting created. I ran my application in the chrome browser and then used Developers tools (aka F12 tools). This not only helps you see webSQL databases but you can also see localStorage, sessionStorage, IndexedDB, cookies etc. Google Chrome -> Press F12 -> Application tab -> Storage Node in left navigation bar -> Web SQL node -> <Database Name> node
  4. When using webSQL, where is the database created / stored on local machine if using default internal browser? It looks like if I compile and run the app in Chrome browser, it gets created here C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\databases with the following three files created: File_0\1 Databases.db Database.db-journal however, In the project files, I also see the following databases-incognito\0 Anyway, I tried viewing the Database.db file in a sqlite viewer and it doesn't show my table, it shows the File_0\1 info
  5. If you remove the Caption in Object Inspector, it removes it from label control on form ....however, if you run the project, the caption still shows up in the Label control I needed to set it to empty at runtime procedure TForm1.InitializeObject; begin inherited; {$I 'Form1:impl'} lblName.Caption:= ''; // here end;
  6. IDE Component Issue ?

    Interesting.....I do not know what is going on. I will try it on another computer when I get a chance
  7. IDE Component Issue ?

    Did you do 4-6 in a row one after another ?
  8. IDE Component Issue ?

    Huh, I have all the latest Alpha updates and it still happens It even happens in the now Alpha version (
  9. IDE Component Issue ?

    Is anyone else experiencing an issue with the default sizing of components when placed on a form consecutively? e.g. drop five buttons or edit boxes on the form in a row
  10. Maximise internal Browser height

    Id also like to see the option of Toggle On / Off
  11. Test Topic

    Sorry, I was testing the new forum when it went live - testing the looks of my Profile Icon and info - Delete it if you wish!!!!!!
  12. SQLite vs DBSql ?

    What is the difference between "System.SQLite.pas" and "SmartCL.DbSql.pas" Isn't SmartCL.DbSql.pas essentially SQLite ?
  13. New Themes ?

    I see how you can change the Theme Background and border for an individual control W3Panel1.ThemeBackground:= bsToolButtonBackground; W3Panel1.ThemeBorder:= btToolButtonBorder; Is there a way to change the theme for all the controls on form or better yet, for the entire project? How does this differ from Theme in the project options? Isnt that the CSS sheet (default, Android, ios)?
  14. New Alpha update

    Never mind - I got the Alpha version to come up with new license dialog box and I was able to enter this new license
  15. New Alpha update

    and just now, @ 4:00 pm EST, I got a recurring charge from gumRoad and I just got a new license issued from SMS - and it doesn't mach my old license what the heck is going on? Do i use this new license?