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  1. Onclick failure when switching TW3Editbox on iOS.

    If I could get some test source, I'd be happy to test. Especially as I'm working on this at the moment.
  2. Sleep?

    @CzarI copy-pasted your example and it did work for me. But to be really sure, you should probably do it like this: FTimer := TW3EventRepeater.Create(function(Sender: TW3CustomRepeater):TW3RepeatResult begin writeln('Yup 1 second later'); result:=rrContinue; end,1000);
  3. Running two IDEs

    Are you trying to do that in one installation? Just make a copy of the SMS folder and make the IDE setting there. After that you can easily run two IDEs at the same time with no interference and you know for sure, which port belongs to which version. You can even have different versions of SMS there. So when a new update comes, you can test in the other folder and compare.
  4. Setting TW3Label caption at design time ?

    Thanks. Will fix in next update.
  5. Running two IDEs

    You can change the port in IDE settings / Server
  6. The fix is available on SmartUpdate.
  7. New Alpha update

    And another one was also pushed. Fixes the dialog bugs.
  8. Onclick failure when switching TW3Editbox on iOS.

    I can't reproduce this problem. At least not with the version that I pushed out today.
  9. New Alpha update

    New update available: 17.11.2017 IDE: - Major improvements to Object Inspector (enum-types) - Added more default units to uses-clauses RTL: - TW3Button rewritten. - Bug fix to TW3BitBtn. - Bug fixes to System.FileSystem.Memory.
  10. On that last "Uncaught TypeError" -line, you see a small arrow to the left. Can you click on that, so I can see the stack trace? You need to show this debugger first and then trigger the error to get the trace.
  11. Sorry, but I can't reproduce this problem.
  12. Force a late Resize

    I would not call the scrollbox resizing or updating functions from AddStudent or RemoveStudent. Call it once after adding or removing the students. You can add some WriteLn -calls to TW3ScrollContent.UpdateSize in SmartCL.Scroll.pas to see what child components it finds and when that is actually called compared to your own code. Maybe it will give us some more information about what's going on. And if nothing else helps, you actually do know how many controls you want to show and you set their size and position yourself. So you can set ScrollBox.Content.Size based on that yourself and call ScrollBox.ScrollControl.Refresh after that.
  13. Unknown name "Char"

    Next update will do this.
  14. Thank you for doing it. I appreciate it. The aim of SMS is to solve all these kinds of issues and differences inside the RTL so that programmers don't have to write platform specific code. So I'll be more than happy to test and fix any issues like these :-)
  15. Scrolling

    Looks pretty much like a same kind of solution. Except that you bind to a certain element and not the document itself. Are there differences in how these behave? Any advantages in your solution?