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How do find apps

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I'm not sure how I should interpret your question, Ian.


When you have build your solution with PhoneGap (at least with the service at build.phonegap.com), you should automatically get a lot of links and qr-codes to the various installers. Make these available to your users, and they will be able to download/install your app directly. In PhoneGap->[Your project]->Setting, you must remove the checkbox for "Only approved collaborators (listed below) can download this app".


If you take the process one step further, then you should deploy your installers to the various app stores. By doing that, your app will be search-able and installable from Apple AppStore and Google Play (Android Market) etc etc. Each store will provide you with a link you can share with your users.


PhoneGap doesn't have any "marketplace", but they do have a showcase gallery at phonegap.com/app/. This is, however, based on apps you have submitted to various appstores.

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