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Detecting Browser/ Operating System/ Mobile Device

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You have a bunch of routines in SmartCL.System:



function w3_getIsIPad: Boolean;
function w3_getIsIPhone: Boolean;
function w3_getIsIPod: Boolean;
function w3_getIsAndroid: Boolean;
function w3_getIsSafari: Boolean;
function w3_getIsFirefox: Boolean;
function w3_getIsChrome: Boolean;
function w3_getIsInternetExplorer: Boolean;
function w3_getIsOpera: Boolean;
function w3_getIsMobile: Boolean;

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Jørn has listed some functions (or all the functions), but if you write "browserAPI" and then CTRL+Click on that, it will take you to the driver classes. On startup SMS does an extensive test of what environment it is running on and create a "driver" class. The driver is in charge of prefix and postfix (e.g "moz" vs. "webkit" vs. "oo" etc..) of tags.


If you are looking for a way to determine what browser is used, because you want to prefix or postfix tag -- then you can just use the functions of the current browserAPI function.

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