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Reduce 13K

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I've discovered something I think it's due for an overhaul.

Just edit the SmartCL.Components unit and set this custom directive.


  TW3CustomControl = partial class(TW3MovableControl)
  { private declarations }
 { protected declarations }

{ public declarations }


{ published declarations }
    property Angle: Float read FAngle write SetAngle;
    property Zoom: Float read GetZoom write SetZoom;
    property BorderRadius: Integer read GetBorderRadius write SetBorderRadius;


before compile/build the project, enable this directive I have to define the Conditional Defines slot under Project | Options | Compiler | Custom conditional defines | USE_SMS_LITE


at design time, you have to omit this directive in the project options else the event handler won't work.


Using this directive, we can reduce the final code size in (272,291 - 258,778 = 13,513 bytes).


We can create a custom build using smsc command line compiler and set custom directives, BTW, compiler defines switch flag is not working for me.

smsc projBlank.sproj -defines=USE_SMS_LITE

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