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TW3HttpRequest.Destroy + TW3Storage.LoadFile/LoadXML causes exception

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using TW3Storage.LoadFile / LoadXML can cause an exception in TW3HttpRequest.Destroy, because 


TW3Storage.LoadFile&LoadXML set up event handlers both for TW3HttpRequest.OnDataReady and TW3HttpRequest.OnError, and both include a call to TW3HttpRequest.free.

Therefore it can happen (at least in the browsers I tested with), that both OnDataReady AND OnError get called, which both call TW3HttpRequest.Free!


My solution to it was fixing TW3HttpRequest.Destroy by adding a check if FReqObj is still assigned (see below), but basically fixing TW3Storage.LoadFile and TW3Storage.LoadXML (by clearing mLoader) should be the better approach!


destructor TW3HttpRequest.Destroy;

  // detach handler so no more events wikl be received during destruction
  if Assigned(FReqObj) then //FLD
    FReqObj.OnReadyStateChange := NIL;
  FReqObj := NIL;


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