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I would like to work with multiple forms in my project.
I have looked at "FormsDemo" project, there are two forms, Form1 is created automatically , Form2 is explicitly created and its instance is registered in the procedure TApplication.ApplicationStarting .

The second example "MultipleForms" usesĀ  three Forms, all of them are created and their instances are registered in procedure TApplication.ApplicationStarting explicitly.

I wonder if it is possible to delegate the creation and the registration to the application. It seems to me that this option is already implemented in the SMS, but unfortunatelly due a small bugĀ  the last form is not created at all.

procedure TApplicationFormsList.AutoCreateNextForm;
  for var iForm := FNextAutoCreate to FList.High do begin
    var info := FList[iForm];
    if info.IsAutoCreated and (not assigned(info.Instance)) and (not info.InitialAutoCreateDone) then

//    if FNextAutoCreate < FList.High then      // <--- This test akips the last form 
      if FNextAutoCreate <= FList.High then     // <--- will this fix suffice ?

        w3_SetTimeout(AutoCreateNextForm, 50);
      break; //for iForm

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