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line break in a grid.cell

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How do I create a line break in a grid.cell?


Hello                Hello World



My code:


W3Grid1.RowHeight := 36;
Col1 := TW3TextColumn.Create(W3Grid1 as IW3ColumnsControl);
Col2 := TW3TextColumn.Create(W3Grid1 as IW3ColumnsControl);
Col1.Alignment := taLeft;
Col2.Alignment := taLeft;
Col1.Width := 200;
Col2.Width := 200;

W3Grid1.Cell[0, W3Grid1.LastAddedRow].Value:= 'Hello'+#13#10+'World';

W3Grid1.Cell[1, W3Grid1.LastAddedRow].Value:= 'Hello World';



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