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Just wanted to drop in to say hi and ask some questions about the product.


1. Is this forum the hub of the community or is everyone more active on social media?

2. With the upcoming RTL changes, how relevant is the Smart Book?

3. Smart mobile studio Unleashed, is this still a thing?


4. Can't get TW3GraphicControl to paint properly. For me it only paints once when the form is loaded and then the graphic is erased. 

As far as I can tell from various sources, one is supposed to use the OnPaint Event or override the virtual paint method, which is what I did.

I've checked the "Graphic control demo" and that doesn't work either, not on the website, not in the IDE.



P.S. this forum keeps displaying a login form dialog.

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A few quick answers:


1) This forum is the official discussion forum for Smart Mobile Studio. It's bit more tedious to use that most social networks, so we usually see more indepth topics here. More lightweight discussion and random sharings happen more often on social media. (Particularly the Facebook group "Delphi Developers"). The Smart Team is monitoring and managing the forum, but it's heavily driven by the community itself. It looks like we will be able to assign some dedicated resources to be more active here, very soon.


2) IMO, The Smart Book is still very relevant. The basics are not dated. In chapter 6 and 7 (Controls and RTL), a lot of the information will be recognizable in the new RTL too. It's smart to get familiar with the way of thinking and the underlying architecture that binds the broswer DOM and JavaScript world to the Pascal code.


3) The author (Jon Lennart Aasenden) is very busy with the RTL-updates these days. I'm not sure what his plan is regarding the book.


4) Which browser are you using? The demo works for me, AFAICT... (Chrome, latest version).

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my apologies, the demo does work, I had an outdated addon that was causing some issues :D


Thanks for the fast response and information, will definitely have a go at the book, cheers.

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