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Scroll/Jump to top of Form

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I have a situation where i have two forms A and B and use GoToForm to transition between them.


I was wondering if there is a way to force it so every time i switch to B its automatically scrolled to the top despite what position i transitioned out of B at (eg halfway down).


i have already tried js solutions like:







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h.scrollIntoView(); doesn't seem to work for me but thanks for the suggestion, i'll look into how i'm generating the Form.


Am i meant to be calling these asm/end functions in FormActivated?


Edit: it seems h.scrollTo(0,0); works for firefox but not on chrome, maybe it's related to a problem like: https://puu.sh/xmGhp/e31030a00f.png

Error: https://puu.sh/xmJHF/378f60a675.png

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