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Daniel Eiszele

License Expired

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Hi SMS team,

I don't really want to add any personal details here but I can't find any contact details anywhere else for direct support? My annual subscription was deducted from my account on 21st of September but I haven't been sent my new license key yet. Can you please look into this (the linked email account is the same as the one used for this forum).

Thank you,


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Ok. I'll look into that.


support@smartmobilestudio.com is the best way to get in touch with us. Any mail to this will notify the entire team, and it will be handled as soon an possible.


We have had some issues with the key provider over the last few weeks, but never figured out what's wrong (as we're not able to reproduce the problem). In some cases it has even been security issues on the client side. Spam-folder or firewall-settings etc.

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