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  2. Thank you so much! It has been resolved now! Tammy
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  4. I am terribly sorry. I will message and e-mail him again.
  5. Hi again, Any word on what I should do? Thanks, Tamera Shaw-McGuire
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  7. I'll make sure that @jorn solves this.
  8. Hello, I opened up SMS the other day and it says my license expired 3/29/2020. I thought that after I purchased the program I could continue to use it even after the license expired? Below is the Gumroad invoice from the purchase I made Dec 8,th 2016. I also ordered again in March of 2019 in order to get the upgraded version. I cannot find proof of that purchase on either Gumroad or Stripe but I did find the purchase deducted from my checking account on March 29, 2019. It is listed at Smart-Professional Larvik, 85383909088000002936800. In addition, I remember emailing you
  9. No the standalone Scrollbar component that is in the "sample" tab... what it is looking like is what javascript control behind that example component is not implemented in all browsers.
  10. I need some help /guidance / perhaps there is sample app out there...... What I have done in past is start witha CRM app in Delphi . I want to recreate that. From what I have read I need to setup a REST API server to provide the app data Whether a PHP app or a Node.js server. I nned some help or a colaborator that can provide guidance or example on how to do this. The app I am starting with is kind of a base app that I base all kinds of projects on so its something I don't mind sharing with other to learn from and possibly make better with some kind of basic reporting feature et
  11. I had a quick look at SmartNJ.Server.WebSocket.pas. It currently does this: // catch and cache remote URL if (request) then begin if (request.connection) then NJSocket.RemoteAddress := request.connection.remoteAddress; end; Maybe this could be changed to: // catch and cache remote URL if (request) then begin if (request.connection) then begin NJSocket.RemoteAddress := request.connection.remoteAddress; NJSocket.RemoteUrl := request.url; end; end; After that you could parse the parameters from RemoteUrl.
  12. Do you mean the Tabs and Scrolling and Listbox -sample?
  13. I Have looked at the websocketserver demo in SMS..but how can i pass parameters from websocket client request? for example on stackoverflow : CLIENT - var ws = new WebSocket('ws://localhost:1234/?id=1&name=foo'); SERVER - const url = require('url'); wss.on('connection', function connection(ws, req) { console.log(url.parse(req.url, true).query); // { id: '1', name: 'foo' } }); How can i translate this in SMS? can someone point me in the right direction?? Mabe it is real simple in SMS..but i'm new to websockets. Mike
  14. The scrollbar in the sample tab has some problems and I don't know how to investigate. In iOS Safari you have to double tap the bar to make it change which has the side effect of causing it to zoom. I installed Dolphin which solves my zooming issues but the scrollbar does not function at all with it. Any ideas of where to look? Jim
  15. Thanks for looking at this... I installed Dolphin and it works as I would like.. except... new topic for another day.
  16. This looks like a non-solvable problem. Apparently Apple changes his/her mind often how to implement this in the various mobile iOS Safari versions and the OS hardware event checking seems to take precedence over html processing. If you change the <body> part of the index.html file to this <body> <script type="text/javascript"> /* This prevents the window being moved by touches, to give the impression of a native app */ document.ontouchmove = function(e) { e.preventDefault(); } document.addEventListener("touchstart", event => {window.alert("tou
  17. Got hold of an iPhone, and yes, I see the problem. Testing some possible solutions, probably tomorrow though
  18. Yes this is mobile Safari I am using.
  19. The standard generated index.html should prevent what you're experiencing : <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, maximum-scale=1.0, initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no"/> At least on Android and iPad it does. However there have been problems reported in mobile Safari ( https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37808180/disable-viewport-zooming-ios-10-safari https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10614481/disable-double-tap-zoom-option-in-browser-on-touch-devices If your problem is indeed linked to mobile/Safari on iPhones, then you can also disable z
  20. I am on the hairy edge of my knowledge base here but i have a SMS project that when I run on a mobile device it has all the double click zooming. It is really annoying because you may want to click buttons fast and the zoom feature get in the way. I have read you can add touch-action: manipulation; to the controls to disable it for each control. Is it possible to add this to all the controls in SMS somehow? Is it possible to do it globally (I have read that use to be possible but later browsers started to ignore that). Is there another way? Thanks, Jim
  21. Yes, you should have received an e-mail with a license key. I've sent you a temproray key now. You can use the installer on https://smartmobilestudio.com/trial/
  22. lynkfs


    Routing is the link between specific url's and specific functionality in an app, so f.i. https://<server>/index.html starts up your app in the browser as per normal https://<server>/login executes a specific view (f.i a login form) Smart per default produces single page app's, without routing functionality There are a couple of strategies which can be followed to implement routing (and which will work to some extent) : use # formatted urls. Browsers have a 'hashchange' event built in, which fires every time a url changes,
  23. Today, I wanted to buy Smart Studio Professional. After entering the credit card number an Error-page appeard. Do I get an email how to download the Studio? And a serial number? Now Mail yet..
  24. Fixed now in the Alpha branch. Thank you @Tim Koscielski
  25. First of all, that's a beautiful clock. Looks very nice 🙂 I can reproduce the AM/PM -bug, so let me have a look at it. Transparency can be controlled with normal properties like this: Ctrl.AlphaBlend:=True; Ctrl.Opacity:=0; You can also make your procedure more versatile, so it can be used with any control: procedure TFormClock.TransparentControl(ACtrl: TW3CustomControl); begin w3_setstyle(ACtrl.Handle, 'background', 'transparent'); w3_setstyle(ACtrl.Handle, 'outline', 'none'); w3_setstyle(ACtrl.Handle, '-webkit-box-shadow', 'none'); w3_setstyle(ACtrl.Handle, 'box-
  26. OK, I fixed the transparency item by adding some tags to the style to override other CSS it was inheriting. I created a function that can automatically add these tags to any panel the I might need this. procedure TFormClock.TransparentPanel(APanel: TW3Panel); begin w3_setstyle(APanel.Handle, 'background', 'transparent'); w3_setstyle(APanel.Handle, 'outline', 'none'); w3_setstyle(APanel.Handle, '-webkit-box-shadow', 'none'); w3_setstyle(APanel.Handle, 'box-shadow', 'none'); w3_setstyle(APanel.Handle, 'border', 'none'); end;
  27. I am here in Chicago, IL, USA and I have a clock app that is just for fun and is a work in progress. When I use FormatDateTime ('h:nn:ss am/pm', Now) the AM/PM indicator returns AM when the time is 12:00 pm to 12:59 pm at 1:00 pm the AM/PM indicator then works correctly and returns PM when expected. I'm assuming it does the same thing but swapped for the 12:00 am to 12:59 am period. I watch this here at https://www.harmonicmix.com/clock which is a SMS built app. This is a testing app for various features and I'm guessing that the browser Javascript runtime is providing the date time
  28. TW3FacebookLogin is a non-visual component, which is available in the Designer's Cloud-tab. It lets you add Single-Sign-On to your web page using Facebook credentials. To use this, you need an AppID, which you can obtain by registering at https://developers.facebook.com When you register, you need to specify the App Domains where you're going to host your web app. So, if you plan to have it at https://myserver.example.com/mywebapp/index.html, then you need to register myserver.example.com as App Domain. Then add TW3FacebookLogin to your form and set the necessary properties
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