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  4. Unfortunatelly the public nodejs echo server wss://echo.websocket.org no longer works. That's the least of my problems... Can someone show me a few lines of code to show, how to write this in smart mobile studio? The nodejs websocket server demo sample program only starts the server. In the server how can I send the string back to the client?
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  6. One year later, still no update.
  7. Bumping this as I have not heard from anyone at SMS to resolve this.
  8. My license key expired back in March and I am trying to get going with a new key. I got the email about a renewal which was successfully completed, but I never got the license key like I had in the past. Can you help with this. Thanks.
  9. Hmm... there seems to be an offset. It's probably because I paste controls with an offset. Gotta see how Delphi does that and add the offset only if it makes sense.
  10. Hi, I have two forms, is it possible to copy some controls on the first form to the second form with exactly same left and top positions?
  11. There's a small update available. It adds a possibility to change TW3ListBox line text.
  12. Decided to start working with SMS again, but I needed better tooling, so I started creating them. I have also decided to share some of them. Here are bindings for the browser-ui-state library: Bindings for the browser-ui-state lib and a small demo showing you how to both the library and the bindings Cheers
  13. Yes this works. Thanks
  14. Hi @COMFIED, I'm not sure if the following answers your question or not. Add System.JSON to your uses clause and run the following. Some follow up questions would be, is the object you are passing always a single key/value pair and is the name of the key known or not known? There are many ways to do this; some type safe, others not - just depends on your use case really. var aString : String; anObject : variant; begin aString := '{"v" : "this is sample text"}'; anObject := TJSON.parse(aString); Showmessage(anObject.v); end;
  15. I am try to clean up a JSON string from {"v":"this is sample text"} with the aim of obtaining the text value: this is sample text I have tried JSON.parse as follows, but it doesn't seem to work string_value := JSON.parse('"'+string_value+'"'); What is the correct way of doing this?
  16. Blade

    License Code Issue

    Thanks to Jarto and Jörn this issue has been totally resolved and I'm very pleased
  17. Thank you Jarto and Jörn for resolving the issue. I was worried, but guys have relieved any fears. It also appears that the e-mail exchanges were going into SPAM, so glad that was corrected. Please keep up the good work and looking forward to the Smart Mobile Studio 4 release.
  18. I just sent an e-mail to Jörn about this and asked him to solve the issues. They are license and payment related, which is in his domain. I hope he will solve it fast.
  19. I have sent multiple e-mails to support and have gotten no response, going on weeks now. Sent messages to "Contact Us" of this website and no response. Posted a message on the support sub-forum and it has gone unanswered. Is this software no longer being supported? Customers and the general public should know.
  20. Reading the forums, I thought the issue of when the license code expires, that users can still use that version of the program and not update. It appears from reading the forum that this flaw in the program was supposed be fixed, but appears not. Upon the my license expiring, the program no longer works and asks for a new license code? How is this to be resolved?
  21. The listbox items map to the <input type=text> html element, which are single line items (EditBox) A multi line item would have to map to say a <textarea> element (Memo) In this case you would have to roll your own listbox component, which generates html like below You can delve a bit in the SmartCl.Controls.ListBox unit to see how this component has been put together. For instance Height can be set by coding W3ListBox.ItemHeight := 60;
  22. Hi, I want listbox items word-wrapped, i want long text displayed as two lines, can i do that? And another question: can i change item font, color, size, height etc. ?
  23. There is no expiration date on local storage However, users can manipulate local storage themselves, or the browser can decide to purge when it needs memory, so there is no guarantee it will always exist. Local storage is also specific per protocol, so http:// and https:// point to different storage objects. Also storage in private browsing mode gets handled with specific rules. You can set an expiration yourself if necessary though
  24. How long does the local storage values are kept in browser's local storage? Is there a expiration time that is automatically deleted?
  25. How can i declare a function or procedure which is accessible to all forms? I tried uses ..., public declaration but it didn't work.
  26. If you want to make sure that the files are unmodified, it's best to calculate check sums of them and compare to values that you store in your app. Smart RTL does not have native function for this but searching for javascript md5 gives lots of options.
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