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    Hi all, as you probably have noticed, I've been very quiet lately. When COVID-19 spread around the world, the restrictions hit my personal life pretty hard. In UAE, all the schools were closed very early and remained closed all the way to the end of the semester. There was also a strict lock down and lots of restrictions. Doing a lock down with three small children and having to home school them basically meant that my chances of spending many hours of time on development went to nil. Luckily it seems like the schools will open in 3 weeks, which should give me a possibility to concentrate on development again. My plan is to get 3.0 out then.
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    I think the Pandemic has thrown a Monkey Wrench into everyone's lives. Family comes first!
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    the future of coding

    Read this article , at least till the paragraph "and now for the fun part". Mindblowing. Then, after that, have a look at this
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    Dynamic Allocation of Records

    FRepliedSearchCriteria.SetLength(20); console.log( JSON.Stringify(Variant(FRepliedSearchCriteria)) );
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    Daniel Eiszele

    the future of coding

    With great power comes great responsibility!
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    the future of coding

    We live in fast advancing times, potential application is limitless, I guess first we'll see it as replacement for human support.
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