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    Development updates

    New update available in the development-channel: RTL: Improvements to TW3ScrollBox: AutoUpdate-property. If true, the scrollbox monitors changes in child components and updates itself automatically. ForceParent-property. If true, child components are automatically moved to the Content-component. Bug fixes to ToggleSwitch: Did not work properly on Firefox Value of Checked-property changed only after the animation was completed Parent can now be changed, so components can be moved to different parents just like in Delphi Align: If multiple components have same alignment, decide order based on component coordinates Change w3_getPropertyAsInt to return 0 if value is NaN as NaN messes up any calculations using that value SmartCL.Effects: Animations like fxMove did not work in Firefox The changes to TW3ScrollBox lets you now use the ScrollBox also in the Visual Designer.
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    It seems the good looking toggle switch component not working with the firefox desktop versions. Chrome, Opera, Brave no problem and even the Firefox Android also ok, just the desktop Firefox(32 and 64 bit version also, windows/Linux same wrong result). Probably inside the component the "checked:=not(checked)" procedure happening to fast. //anyway with this additional code the toggle switch component give a little bit better user experience procedure TForm1.W3ToggleSwitch1Click(Sender: TObject); begin W3ToggleSwitch1.checked:=not(W3ToggleSwitch1.checked) end;