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  1. Yes, if I make the change and comment out that line, the items do align correctly on the initial form create. And if I leave that line enabled, you are correct that when I resize the window, they do draw correctly. Now that you know where the issue is, I feel great that you'll come up with a solution to accommodate. The progress you have made recently with this stuff is great and I have been enjoying working with this . And to be honest, I am using the Alpha track for production development and I had just gotten used to not leaving a way to revert back to the prior version. This
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  2. @Tim Koscielski Thank you. I can reproduce the problem. Resizing the form will do, which means that something goes wrong during the initial resize right after the form has been created. Gonna have a look. Edit: Can you try removing this from line 4595 in SmartCL.Components.pas and see if it fixes the problem? RemoveFromComponentState([csAligning]); //Remove this line
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