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  1. My Avira Antivir (free version) constantly claims, that C:\Program Files (x86)\Smart Mobile Studio\smsc.exe contains the virus "TR/Agent.1228800.7" A google search for the virus name and "Smart Mobile Studio" turned up nothing and neither did a search in these forums. Am I the only one where this happens?
  2. Hi, I have just started with Smart Mobile Studio (downloaded the latest version and recreated the MyFirstProgram example from the book. While it works, I have found that I apparently can't rename the controls the way I am used to with Delphi. E.g. there is the "Add"-button called "W3Button1". I would like it to be called "b_Add". It's possible to change the Name property in the Property inspector, but once I click on a different control and then on that button again, it's called "W3Button1" again. I tried a different name "btnAdd" which works. Does that mean an underscor
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