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  1. TCP connection.

    This is just using HTML5.
  2. Prerequisites?

    Thanks, it just dies and quits a few seconds after you try to start it. XP SP3 with the latest portable version and latest updates applied via the update tool. Jim
  3. Prerequisites?

    Hi, What is the plan for XP? There is already a lot of chatter about supporting the Mac but what has not been said is there is a reason us Mac users want XP. All but the top end Mac laptops use dual core processors and any Windows OS past XP make running a VM almost unusable. Since Vista Windows really must have multiple cores to deal with the background updates and other things. The dual core Macs come to a completely halt when Windows needs 2 real processors to stay responsive. I am assuming you have upgraded to the latest version of Delphi since they have dropped XP support in their product.... If you not planning on supporting it you should take it off the list of supported platforms on the webpage. Thanks, Jim
  4. TCP connection.

    Ok I have it working with a WebSocket server in Lazarus.... sort of. If I run it through SMS it works great. If I launch the Edge Browser it has a socket error and socket closed message.... I am sure it is something I don't understand about Javascript in general. What do I need to make it work in the browser? Jim Note: It does work if I run it though PhoneGap on my iPhone. I am assuming the PhoneGap server has something to do with it?
  5. TCP connection.

    Is using a WebSocket the only way to create a TCP client connection with SMS? Jim
  6. Drag and Drop a Local File

    Thanks for the detailed response!
  7. A couple of bug on

    I am evaluating SMS and found a couple things that really should be fixed before release. 1) If I write a method in the main forms class and try to do code completion (CTL-SHIFT-C) it does not create a new function in the body for my method but duplicates the empty functions that SMS already has in in the code when you create a new project. 2) If you try to search in all folder and sub folders through the search dialog it ends with an exception dialog (sometimes with the annoying Delphi bug where it is behind everything else and you have to kill the program) 3) Control-F Does not bring up the Find Dialog it continues to find the previous search. Jim
  8. Drag and Drop a Local File

    First I have been trying to use versions of SMS for several years and have gotten frustrated and given up. With this latest release I have made it further in an hour than I have in all other attempts combined. The unit structure is finally clean and I can find what I want! Great work. If I can get past the last few barriers I will be purchasing a license for sure. What I want to do is be able to drag a text file from the file system (or have a "file open" dialog) and do some manipulation on it then write a version back to the same folder the source file came from. This is mainly for desktop use. How can I accomplish this? Thanks, Jim
  9. WebSockets

    Well well look what I found https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2015/09/26/writing-a-delphi-websocket-server-and-smart-mobile-client-in-15-minutes/
  10. WebSockets

    Mmmm is my problem that I need to implement my own web server that understands a custom subprotocol? Jim
  11. WebSockets

    Next question. I am new to this web technology so this is likely not a true SMS question but maybe. I have created a TW3WebSocket. I have a web server started on my Mac with "sudo apachectl start" I now have a Lazarus program running that is a TCP server on the Mac. SMS is running in a VMWare machine on XP. I run my SMS script and press a button that does this: procedure TFormMain.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin FSocket.Connect('ws://', []); end; I am sure there is something I should be passing in the sub-protocol parameter but this runs. My Lazarus app connects to the TCP request but I never get this call: procedure TFormMain.SocketOpen(Sender: TW3WebSocket); begin Application.ShowDialog('Opened', 'Socket is Opened', aoCancel); end; So it appears that the TCP link was made but the WebSocket did not connect really connect yet. When I execute this: procedure TFormMain.W3Button2Click(Sender: TObject); begin if FSocket.Connected then FSocket.Disconnect end; Connected returns "True" but the Disconnect call throws an error saying the WebSocket was not really connected so it can't really disconnect it. We have a TCP protocol defined that I want to run over the WebSocket. It is currently GridConnect String based so it should be possible (I understand that you can run binary over WebSockets now too). I am assuming that I need to pack my protocol into a protocol that WebSockets support. Is there something built into SMS that gets me the first level of protocol (if that is my problem) or is there a good beginner tutorial that can help me understand what I am missing in my approach? Thanks, JIm
  12. Layouts

    I trying to learn SMS. I have dropped a panel then 3 buttons _inside_ the panel. I want them to all align to the left with no space between the buttons or between the buttons and container panel. This does not do it. What am I missing? Thanks Jim procedure TForm1.InitializeObject; begin inherited; {$I 'Form1:impl'} FLayout := Layout.Bottom( Layout.Margins(3).Spacing(3), [ W3Panel1 ]); FTabLayout := Layout.Left(Layout.Margins(0).Spacing(0), [ Layout.Left(W3Button1), Layout.Left(W3Button2), Layout.Left(W3Button3) ]); end; procedure TForm1.Resize; begin inherited; FLayout.Resize(Self); FTabLayout.Resize(W3Panel1); end;
  13. CTL+Shift+Click hyperlink

    That would be appreciated. My preferred change would be to have that selection in the context menu like Lazarus and Delphi. You currently have "Open File at Cursor" Where the latter have "Find Declaration of xxxx" depending on what the cursor is on. Jim
  14. CTL+Shift+Click hyperlink

    Is there a context menu or other way to activate this? For those that are left handed and using Macs with Windows in a VM (or boot camp) not having an alternate way to execute this hyperlink is painful. The MacAir only has a CTL on the left side is awkward since your left hand is on the trackpad/mouse. Jim
  15. Real Demo

    Hi, After fighting with the bloatware XE for days I gave up. SMS seems like a really great alternative for me to create some mobile apps for my hobby use. I have stared at it for a few days and still don't have a clear path to do something useful will it. Are there an real demos that actually do something useful that I can look at and explore? Thanks, Jim