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  1. In SmartUpdate I get a "Channel ALPHA is not available. Please download Smart Mobile Studio to a different folder". But that fails too. Jim
  2. No the standalone Scrollbar component that is in the "sample" tab... what it is looking like is what javascript control behind that example component is not implemented in all browsers.
  3. The scrollbar in the sample tab has some problems and I don't know how to investigate. In iOS Safari you have to double tap the bar to make it change which has the side effect of causing it to zoom. I installed Dolphin which solves my zooming issues but the scrollbar does not function at all with it. Any ideas of where to look? Jim
  4. Thanks for looking at this... I installed Dolphin and it works as I would like.. except... new topic for another day.
  5. Yes this is mobile Safari I am using.
  6. I am on the hairy edge of my knowledge base here but i have a SMS project that when I run on a mobile device it has all the double click zooming. It is really annoying because you may want to click buttons fast and the zoom feature get in the way. I have read you can add touch-action: manipulation; to the controls to disable it for each control. Is it possible to add this to all the controls in SMS somehow? Is it possible to do it globally (I have read that use to be possible but later browsers started to ignore that). Is there another way? Thanks, Jim
  7. Did something change in the WebSocket code? I had a project working on an earlier Alpha (don't recall which one) and I updated to the latest. Now when I call connect my server sees the connection and makes it but the callback never is called now. Couple of weird things I observe: 1) I was using this: procedure TTabSettingsForm.W3ButtonConnectionClick(Sender: TObject); var URL: string; begin if FSocket.Connected or FConnected then begin FSocket.Disconnect( procedure (Socket: TW3WebSocket; Success: boolean) <<<< No Blue dots in IDE from here to
  8. thank you so much warleyalex! Perfect.
  9. Is this possible: type TLccSearchReplyRec = record SearchData: DWORD; NodeID: word; // TNodeID; NodeAlias: Word; HasSTNIP: Boolean; STNIP: string; // TLccSTNIP; end; TLccSearchResultsArray = array of TLccSearchReplyRec; var FRepliedSearchCriteria: TLccSearchResultsArray; begin SetLength(FRepliedSearchCriteria, 20); ..... Syntax Error: Argument 0 expects type "String" instead of "array of record TLccSearchReplyRec" [line: 637, column: 13, file: lcc_node_controller] I know how to allocate an array of bytes but is there a way to
  10. No the "Project Manager" tree. Under the "Forms" branch. When I select double click a form it should load the Property Inspector with the Form Properties.. I have to select the form in the designer to load the properties. I would be handy to just load the properties so one can immediately start working with them.
  11. I did not know F3 was find next... can that be added into the main menu as a menu item under "Find" with the F3 hot key shown for a visual cue?
  12. Things like Control Shift Up/Down don't work if there is any error in the code to make it not compile. Can that be changed? The reason the code does not compile is because I am typically searching for the correct thing insert Jim
  13. If I hit Control F the dialog box comes up if and only if the search string is empty. If I have used the dialog box once and there is a search string in the dialog it only searches for the same string and reports if it found it, the only way to get back to the dialog is to go back to the mouse or use a bunch of keystrokes to access the main menu and select Search Find... (which is defined as the Control F short cut). To me this is seems like an inconsistent user interface and does interfere with my work flow. Most program have a "Find" which show the dialog and a "Find Next" or somet
  14. JimKueneman


    When I hit F3 by accident in the VM SMS throws this assertion.... EurekaLog 6.1.04 Application: --------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1 Start Date : Fri, 31 Jan 2020 06:03:20 -0700 1.2 Name/Description: SmartMS.exe - (Smart Mobile Studio ID) 1.3 Version Number : 1.4 Parameters : 1.5 Compilation Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2020 21:39:44 -0700 1.6 Up Time : 2 days, 2 hours, 27 minutes, 16 seconds Exception: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Improvement: When I click on an item in the Project Manager (Form) SMS should load the property inspector with that forms properties ready for edit, I think.
  16. This be my responsibility Jarto https://www.google.com/amp/s/wiert.me/2019/05/10/when-ctrl-click-in-a-windows-vmware-fusion-vm-does-right-click-when-you-thought-you-turned-that-off/amp/
  17. Hi, Not sure if you fixed it on purpose but now the dialog box to select a Search Path does not get confused and break the project file when selecting a shared folder from a virtual machine, thanks. Next level problem: If I use this path from my Win10 VM: \\vmware-host\Shared Folders\Documents\LccLib\Projects\Smart Mobile\SMS Throttle\Target-Common SMS can't find the files. If I map \\vmware-host\Shared Folders\Documents to a drive and do this it does: Y:\LccLib\Projects\Smart Mobile\SMS Throttle\Target-Common Thanks, Jim
  18. JimKueneman

    Float 16

    It is even easier than that! function FloatToHalf(Float: Single): THalfFloat; var Src: LongWord; {$IFDEF DWSCRIPT} Sign, Exp, Mantissa: Integer; {$ELSE} Sign, Exp, Mantissa: LongInt; {$ENDIF} begin {$IFDEF DWSCRIPT} var Bytes: TByteArray; Bytes := TDataType.Float32ToBytes(Float); Src := LongWord( TDataType.BytesToInt32(Bytes)); {$ELSE} Src := PLongWord(@Float)^; {$ENDIF} and back function HalfToFloat(Half: THalfFloat): Single; var Dst, Sign, Mantissa: LongWord; {$IFDEF DWSCRIPT} Exp: Integer; {$ELSE} Exp: LongInt; {$ENDIF} begin ...........
  19. Looking forward to that. I am not working on the UI for my project yet as I want to use the new version for that. I have one more issue and I think my converted Lazarus code will successfully run through my complete test suite testing a custom TCP protocol running over WebSockets with very very little required in {$IFDEF}'s.
  20. Ok Jarto there is a limitation in the compiler. If I do what you suggest it works just fine. It also work fines if I define that constant as a variable then load it with the default values then make the assignment. Note in the latter the compiler uses the slice function. I think that is the issue. If the assignment is with a constant array this assignment is not being compiled with the slice function: JS compiled code if NULL_NODE_ID is a variable. Self.FDestID = NULL_NODE_ID.slice(0);
  21. But stepping through it the values did not change in the debugger while stepping over those statements in the function.
  22. As a constant (from memory) something like this: const NULL_NODE_ID: TNodeID = (0, 0)
  23. I am totally lost on what I am doing wrong here...... but the JS code is just doing the wrong thing and I don't see why.... I have this class: TLccMessage = class private FAbandonTimeout: Integer; FIsCAN: Boolean; // True if only The CAN_Message MTI is valid FCAN: TLccCANMessage; FDataArray: TLccByteArray; FDataCount: Integer; FDestID: TNodeID; FSourceID: TNodeID; FMTI: Word; FRetryAttempts: Integer; FUserValid: Boolean; function GetHasDestination: Boolean; function GetHasDestNodeID: Boolean; fun
  24. JimKueneman


    Figured it out.....
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