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  1. JBS

    DataSnap proxy generator problem

    thanks gabr42! it works right away when i follow the tutorial.
  2. JBS

    DataSnap proxy generator problem

    short update: i deleted the "AS_Execute" class and procedure definition from my genereted unit and was able to call the "ReverseString" method :-) i will continue testing more complex methods... what i am aiming at is to connect to a TDataSetProvider somehow.
  3. JBS

    DataSnap proxy generator problem

    thanks for the fast reply! i am rather new to the datatsnap topic. i built a datasnap server using the wizzard and the sample methods. function TServerMethods1.EchoString(Value: string): string; begin Result := Value; end; function TServerMethods1.ReverseString(Value: string): string; begin Result := System.StrUtils.ReverseString(Value); end; i guess that i can query the interface definition via webbrowser somehow...
  4. hi everyone, i am trying to do my first datasnap connection between a delphi xe5 datatsnap server and a sms-client. after generating the connection unit with the "DataSnap Smart" proxy generator i am confronted with tow compiling errors and a warning. .warning with uses w3system: no problem easyly solved by using SmartCL.System .2 errors "unknown name" TDBXStreamValue and WideString: TResult_TServerMethods1_AS_Execute = class external ParamReader: TDBXStreamValue; OwnerDataStream: TDBXStreamValue; end; and procedure AS_Execute(ProviderName: WideString; CommandText: WideString; ParamReader: TDBXStreamValue; OwnerDataStream: TDBXStreamValue); please help! cheers, JBS