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  1. Syntax Error: Unknown name

    May be a compilation warning could be added when SFM file exists and no 'Form1:intf' reference in the code?
  2. Syntax Error: Unknown name

    Thanks! I'll have to get used with these includes...
  3. Syntax Error: Unknown name

    After opening an existing project, I'm unable to compile Syntax Error: Unknown name "W3Button1" [line: 3, column: 1, file: Form1:impl] Cutting and pasting components (no multiselect !) would only pass the error on the next component in SFM definition file. Copying the SFM into a new project won't work either. Test project attached SMS_test.zip
  4. Combobox on Android

    Yes, your sample works for me too. No bug in W3Combobox, the problem in with the callback of a RemObject service. I'll make a new thread for this one. Thanks
  5. Combobox on Android

    Did I miss something or W3Combobox don't render properly on Android ? I've got a radio select, but no values. Android 5, Chrome
  6. RemObject JSON FileUpload

    I'd like to upload a binary file: edtFichier.InputType := itFile; w3_setAttrib(edtFichier.Handle, 'accept', 'image/*'); w3_setAttrib(edtFichier.Handle, 'capture', 'camera') to a RO JSON server: procedure TMyService.FileUpload(const fichier: ROAnsiString; const data: Binary); begin if (data <> nil) then System.IOUtils.TFile.WriteAllBytes( @'u:\data', data.ToArray()) else System.IOUtils.TFile.WriteAllBytes(@'u:\data', new Byte[0]); end; The sample code above is no working. There is no .ToArray member for Binary. Look like I should do some encoding, but I couldn't find any example. Isn't there still any component for this?
  7. RemObject JSON interface with Smart Mobile Studio

    Should have come across this nice tutorial before ! http://andremussche.blogspot.com/2012/06/remobjects-integration-in-smart-mobile.html http://andremussche.blogspot.com/2012/06/remobjects-integration-in-smart-mobile_21.html
  8. RemObject JSON interface with Smart Mobile Studio

    Quickly solved indeed! TROJSONMessage.WrapResult := True;
  9. RemObject JSON interface with Smart Mobile Studio

    May be, but I bought the Entreprise version precisely to be able to use it... I can't argue about respective performance, although my needs are fairly reasonable. But for sure the learning curve of mORMot and RO may be of the same order of magnitude. I praise mORMot open source solution for its quality, but as a average developer I definitely need commercial support to deliver. So I hope either SMS or RO will provide me with a quick fix on this.
  10. Hi, I need somme help. I’m trying to connect a Smart Mobile Studio client to a basic RO Server with JSONMessage. But I’ve got this error message: Error : JSONMessage.read error: Result:Integer is missing. - I do have implemented the RO sample Add service (witch is void by default) and debug goes fine server side, data are received and calculated, - lastest RemObjectsSDK.js from today RO install (v., - lasted SMS version Below the SMS code: procedure TForm1.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin var channel := TROHTTPClientChannel.Create('http://localhost:8823/json'); var message := TROJSONMessage.Create(); var serveur := TCheckService.Create(channel, message); serveur.Sum(8, 10, procedure (aResult: integer) begin W3Memo1.Add('Total = ' + IntToStr(aResult)); end, procedure (aMessage: TROMessage; aError: JError) begin W3Memo1.Add(aError.name + ' : ' + aError.message); end ); end;
  11. Websocket server

    I'm still looking for a working sample code for this. I've just bought my Entreprise licence, and done a fresh install. But no more success.
  12. Websocket server

    You're definitely right for the json package. Done in output directory: npm install websocket This is the actual message, with the % (yes strange...) I've changed the port without success. Note that I have no problem with other WebServers. Has some body been able to test my code?
  13. Layout Bug?

    It works if ou use 2 layout objects (like in sample demo 4): fLayoutCenter := Layout.Client( [Layout.Right(Layout.Width(75), fRightBar), Layout.Client(fBody)]); fLayout:= Layout.Client( [Layout.Top(Layout.Height(50), fHeader), Layout.Client(Layout.Width(75), fLayoutCenter), Layout.Bottom(fFooter)] );
  14. Websocket server

    I forgot the error message:
  15. Websocket server

    I'm trying to setup a Websocket server. But I have an error when starting the server. Seems I forgot something... maybe some internal http server? unit Unit1; interface type TServer = class public procedure Run; end; implementation uses NodeJS.Core, SmartNJ.Server, SmartNJ.Server.websocket, NodeJS.querystring, NodeJS.url, System.JSON, System.DateUtils, System.Types; { TServer} procedure TServer.Run; begin var serveur := TNJWebSocketServer.Create; // serveur.Path := '/'; serveur.Port := 8099; serveur.OnAfterServerStarted := procedure (sender: TObject) begin console.log('Serveur started, port:' + TNJWebSocketServer(Sender).Port.toString); end; serveur.OnClientConnected := procedure (const Sender: TNJWebSocketServer; const Socket: JWsSocket) begin console.log('Client connection'); end; serveur.Start; // <====== ERROR end; end.