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  1. Well, you can now change this thread title form "hard time" to "interesting time". With this test i'm satisfied and motivated for continuing my journal with SMS: 3000 animated sprites of 128x128 (png) At fullscreen 1920x1024 on my PC the FPS fluctuate from 50-70 with Chrome while with Firefox the keeps stable at ~70fps.
  2. Hi, Is little annoying every time I use the Open File dialog it start again in the default projects folder, not the last folder I used. SMS Basic edition, Windows 7 64bits regards, Denys
  3. Hi again, That game of life is cool, thanks. Two subjects I can't find detailed info on the blogs and docs: About Game Loop: I all the examples I have seen everything is done inside the PaintView. Then my question is if there is not separation between the "FrameTick" and "DrawTick". The Game project template call PaintView from the method TW3CustomGameApplication.HandlePaintEvent(Sender: TObject; Canvas: TW3Canvas); Then was trying to find another method that should be called each time the Game timer is triggered, before drawing. Please, I understand this is not stopping me for making a graphics game or simulation, doing everything inside PaintView is ok. I just want to understand how things should be done with SMS and if there a possibility to make it better. For example when working with Delphi i get used to use OnIdle event. Then from there I called my "NextTick" and "DrawTick". NextTick was responsible for all the logic of the game, movement and decisions. While DrawTick just draw the current state of all elements. In some cases I could experiment with other Game Loop algorithms where I could call NextTick asynchronously to DrawTick, or just call NextTick twice and DrawTick once... Or for some reason the application needs to redraw the screen immediately and just call DrawTick how many times needed. Currently what I think I understand here is that the PaintEvent is something handled by the control parent class, and forced to be called by some timer in the GameView... then How I know if for some reason the PaintEvent is called but it was not originated by the gameview timer event? if this is possible? If you think I'm over-complicating things please tell me that everything will be ok: "piX, do everything inside the PaintView and do not worry so much" About backbuffers: Is there a Backbuffer already implemented with the GameApplication and GameView?? (please, tell me yes ) Or I have to implement it by myself with some TW3BufferedImage or offline canvas I have read about it somewhere? My intentions are to use as much as possible SMS only, the framework you have done, avoiding JavaScript, that's why I'm here as new user, because I don't want to learn&code HTML5/JavaScript. I want to use ObjectPascal all time, and if I made a game will be limited by that philosophy. Regards, Denys... PS: Oops... I think I should have created another thread for these new questions....
  4. Hi Cipher, Thank you very much for your extended reply! I'm starting reading about HTML5 tutorials, I also need know what I should understand about the DOM from SMS. Loading and image, you readed my mind, that's one of the first things I was looking. Also how to read any text file or binary file if possible; if I can host everything statically like copying all the files in a folder on my hosting or I need to do something in the server side? (That will scare me :-o ) My plans are keep inside SMS as much as possible with your units wrappers, If I can avoid dealing with CSS thingies better. About the power of SMS; yesterday I saw a presentation from Mozilla the Canvas and at the end they listed what should be the future of HTML5, and one of the points was: OOP, then I though: "ha! good! I already have SMS" I'll let you know about my progress, Let's see if I can port/rework my Delphi 6 Ant Colony Simulation --> ( ) regards, Denys
  5. Hi, thanks. Sincerely I'm not familiar with architectural patterns you mentioned, at least not consciously My typical application with Delphi almost used no more than a few components. Main form, buttons for testing, maybe a demo for logs, and lot of back-buffers work and finally show to canvas... So basically I don't really need the visual designer too much, then I think the basic edition is perfect for me. And for the programming part... I do my best effort to make acceptable OOP. Yes, more demos for Basic edition would be good. Also IMO the learning path should focus more on Basic edition. I'll keep going... Regards.
  6. Hi, newcomer here I'm new to SMS, a guy from the old times of Delphi 7 with almost zero knowledge of java-script. My problem is that I'm using Basic verison and most demos are using Forms with controls. Is there another version of Spartacus demo or similar sprite demo without froms? Canvas only? Would be too hard to convert Spartacus demo to canvas only? Regards, Denys.
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