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  1. Nico and Igor, I want to thank you very much for your answers I'm reading the Nico's posts and I have to tell the Nico's work is great!!! Thanks again
  2. Hello I have some questions to ask about SmartMobile Studio 1 - I have to make a website and I think that I could to use SmartMobile Studio, but I don't know if I can build websites with it 2 - If I can do that, where can I find examples? 3 - I'd like to know how can I read data from firebird database. I there some example? 4 - Is there some componente like TClientDataset (Delphi) to connect to database and get data from it? Thanks
  3. Hi, can i use sms with asp.net webform? Do you have some example where can i see how use it? I'd like to build a webapplication with oxygene and use sms code to apply to all html elements. Can i do that? For example, Can I change a gridview using SMS code? can i change the design or to use a grid of smart mobile studio and accessed from asp.net? Could I apply an effect done with SMS in a GridView as does the plugin data table (http://datatables.net/examples/styling/display.html) ? Thanks
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