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    Pedal Steel guitar: Bass Guitar: Singing: Rhythm Guitar: Electronics: Propeller Chip Microcontroller: Single Board Computers: Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone Black: Programming - Delphi,Java,C#,Propeller SPIN & ASM: Ham Radio - VE1RLL

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  1. BobLawrence

    Save Content Dialog

    If you can use Node.js in your SMS project , you can use the file system module to save a text file. :https://ourcodeworld.com/articles/read/297/how-to-create-a-file-using-the-filesystem-fs-module-in-node-js
  2. BobLawrence

    Scrolling with Components inside Panel Alpha vs Old RTL

    Scrolling worked for me on both samples you provided. I'm using Chrome as will on Win 10.
  3. BobLawrence

    SMS Presentation in Berlin (14.09.2017)

    re:I proudly announce you the showcase of the new SMS release at the Delphi-Stammtisch in Berlin. Hopefully we will get a update soon, it's been a very long wait . I really enjoyed living in Baden-Baden Germany for 2 years (before Delphi was on the market) in when I was in the Canadian Military
  4. BobLawrence

    Newbie questions ...

    Jon provides progress updates on his personal website. Have a look at the post for April 2017 etc. https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2017/04/
  5. BobLawrence

    Free E-Boook - Mastering JavaScript - Ved Antani

    Today's Free book is JavaScript Testing Beginner's Guide
  6. BobLawrence

    Issue reinstalling SMS

    Did you try to install it to a non default directory?
  7. BobLawrence

    Free E-Boook - Mastering JavaScript - Ved Antani

    Here's my list, I purchased the Delphi Book and 1 Android Book . The rest were free, whether I needed them or not. LOL I've been learning Android(Java) and I managed to get a few good free books for that as well Mastering Python for Finance [eBook] James Ma Weiming + Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4 [eBook] William Sherif + Learning ECMAScript 6 [eBook] Narayan Prusty + Unity 5.x Cookbook [eBook] Matt Smith, Chico Queiroz + Python Machine Learning [eBook] Sebastian Raschka + Mastering JavaScript [eBook] Ved Antani + Blender 3D by Example [eBook] Romain Caudron, Pierre-Armand Nicq + Rust Essentials [eBook] Ivo Balbaert + GitHub Essentials [eBook] Achilleas Pipinellis + Android Programming for Beginners [eBook] John Horton + Blender 2.5 Materials and Textures Cookbook [eBook] Colin Litster + ASP.NET Data Presentation Controls Essentials [eBook] Joydip Kanjilal + MediaWiki Administrators’ Tutorial Guide [ebook] Mizanur Rahman + Learning Vaadin 7: Second Edition [eBook] Nicolas Fränkel + Cross-platform UI Development with Xamarin.Forms [eBook] Paul F. Johnson + Mastering C# Concurrency [eBook] Eugene Agafonov, Andrew Koryavchenko + Multithreading with C# Cookbook - Second Edition [eBook] Eugene Agafonov + Learning .NET High-performance Programming [eBook] Antonio Esposito + Raspberry Pi Cookbook for Python Programmers [eBook] Tim Cox + Magento : Beginner's Guide - Second Edition [eBook] Robbert Ravensbergen, Sander Schoneville + Learning jQuery, Third Edition [eBook] Jonathan Chaffer, Karl Swedberg + Mastering AngularJS Directives [eBook] Josh Kurz + Learning Web Development with Bootstrap and AngularJS [eBook] Stephen Radford + Mastering React [eBook] Adam Horton, Ryan Vice + What you need to know about Angular 2 [eBook] + AngularJS UI Development [eBook] Amit Gharat, Matthias Nehlsen + AngularJS Web Application Development Cookbook [eBook] Matt Frisbie + Moodle 2.0 E-Learning Course Development [eBook] William Rice + OpenCV 2 Computer Vision Application Programming Cookbook [eBook] Robert Laganière + Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Windows PowerShell 2.0: Expert Cookbook [eBook] Yaroslav Pentsarskyy + Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform (Second Edition) [eBook] Andre Dovgal, Dmitri Olechko, Gregor Noriskin + Testing and Securing Android Studio Applications [eBook] Belén Cruz Zapata, Antonio Hernández Niñirola + Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook [eBook] Antony Polukhin + Google SketchUp for Game Design: Beginner's Guide [eBook] Robin de Jongh + Blender 3D Printing Essentials [eBook] Gordon Fisher + Social Media Mining with R [eBook] Richard Heimann, Nathan Danneman + HBase Essentials [eBook] Nishant Garg + Unity 4 Game Development Hotshot [eBook] Jate Wittayabundit + Natural Language Processing with Java and LingPipe Cookbook [eBook] Breck Baldwin, Krishna Dayanidhi + 3D Printing Blueprints [eBook] Joe Larson + Advanced Express Web Application Development [eBook] Andrew Keig + Nagios Core Administration Cookbook [eBook] Tom Ryder + Penetration Testing with the Bash shell [eBook] Keith Makan + Unity Multiplayer Games [eBook] Alan R. Stagner + Implementing Splunk: Big Data Reporting and Development for Operational Intelligence [eBook] Vincent Bumgarner + Learning iOS 8 for Enterprise [eBook] Mayank Birani + Building Machine Learning Systems with Python [eBook] Willi Richert, Luis Pedro Coelho + Python for Secret Agents [eBook] Steven Lott + Python 3 Object Oriented Programming [eBook] Dusty Phillips + Learning Python Design Patterns [eBook] Gennadiy Zlobin + Python Data Analysis [eBook] Ivan Idris + Expert Python Programming [eBook] Tarek Ziadé + Jasmine JavaScript Testing [eBook] Paulo Ragonha + Responsive Media in HTML5 [eBook] Alex Libby + Managing Windows Servers with Chef [eBook] John Ewart + Kali Linux Social Engineering [eBook] Rahul Singh Patel + Learning R for Geospatial Analysis [eBook] Michael Dorman + R Object-oriented Programming [eBook] Kelly Black + R Graph Cookbook [eBook] Hrishi V. Mittal + R for Data Science [eBook] Dan Toomey + Augmented Reality for Android Application Development [eBook] Jens Grubert, Dr. Raphael Grasset + Learning SciPy for Numerical and Scientific Computing [eBook] Francisco J. Blanco-Silva + Android Studio Essentials [eBook] Belén Cruz Zapata + Android Game Programming by Example [eBook] John Horton + Android Wearable Programming [eBook] Steven F. Daniel + Android 5 Programming by Example [eBook] Kyle Mew + Mastering Android NDK [eBook] Sergey Kosarevsky, Viktor Latypov + Learning Java by Building Android Games [eBook] John Horton + Mastering Android Application Development [eBook] Antonio Pachón Ruiz + Gradle Effective Implementation Guide [eBook] Hubert Klein Ikkink + Raspberry Pi Media Center [eBook] Sam Nazarko + Getting Started with HTML5 WebSocket Programming [eBook] Vangos Pterneas + OpenGL Development Cookbook [eBook] Muhammad Mobeen Movania + wxPython 2.8 Application Development Cookbook [eBook] Cody Precord + HBase Design Patterns [eBook] Mark Kerzner, Sujee Maniyam + Implementing Cisco UCS Solutions [eBook] Farhan Ahmed Nadeem, Prasenjit Sarkar + Mastering Apache Cassandra [eBook] Nishant Neeraj + VMware Horizon 6 Desktop Virtualization Solutions [eBook] Ryan Cartwright et al + Clojure High Performance Programming [eBook] Shantanu Kumar + Developing RESTful Services with JAX-RS 2.0, WebSockets and JSON [eBook] Bhakti Mehta, Masoud Kalali + FL Studio Cookbook [eBook] Shaun Friedman + Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook [eBook] Virgilio Vasconcelos + Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook [eBook] Javier Fernández González + PySide GUI Application Development [eBook] Venkateshwaran Loganathan + Moodle Gradebook - Second Edition [eBook] Rebecca Barrington + Building Multicopter Video Drones [eBook] Ty Audronis + R Graph Essentials [eBook] David Alexander Lillis + Learning NGUI for Unity [eBook] Charles Pearson + Linux Mint Essentials [eBook] Jay LaCroix + Node Security [eBook] Dominic Barnes + Mastering Python Regular Expressions [eBook] Félix López, Víctor Romero + Storm Real-time Processing Cookbook [eBook] Quinton Anderson + Skill Up 2016: Developer Skills Report [eBook] + CentOS 6 Linux Server Cookbook [eBook] Jonathan Hobson + Getting Started with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization [eBook] Pradeep Subramanian + What you need to know about R [eBook] + Persistence in PHP with Doctrine ORM [eBook] Kévin Dunglas + GLSL Essentials [eBook] Jacobo Rodríguez + Voice Application Development for Android [eBook] Michael F. McTear, Zoraida Callejas + Learning JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms [eBook] Loiane Groner + Functional Programming in JavaScript [eBook] Dan Mantyla + Orchestrating Docker [eBook] Shrikrishna Holla + What You Need to Know about Docker [eBook] Scott Gallagher + Kali Linux – Assuring Security by Penetration Testing [eBook] Lee Allen, Tedi Heriyanto, Shakeel Ali + Building Virtual Pentesting Labs for Advanced Penetration Testing [eBook] Kevin Cardwell + Raspberry Pi for Secret Agents [eBook] Stefan Sjogelid + Hyper-V Security[eBook] [eBook] Eric Siron, Andy Syrewicze + PhoneGap and AngularJS for Cross-platform Development [eBook] Yuxian, Eugene Liang + Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS [eBook] Peter Bacon Darwin, Pawel Kozlowski + R Machine Learning Essentials [eBook] Michele Usuelli + Socket.IO Real-time Web Application Development [eBook] Rohit Rai + Android Studio Cookbook [eBook] Mike van Drongelen + Learning Internet of Things [eBook] Peter Waher + Internet of Things with Intel Galileo [eBook] Miguel de Sousa + Android Sensor Programming By Example [eBook] Varun Nagpal + Node Cookbook: Second Edition [eBook] David Mark Clements + Learning Xamarin Studio [eBook] William Smith + Thinking in JavaScript [eBook] + Windows Server 2012 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook [eBook] Ed Goad + Skill Up Year in Review 2015 [eBook] + Mastering BeagleBone Robotics [eBook] Richard Grimmett + Arduino Home Automation Projects [eBook] Marco Schwartz + F# for Quantitative Finance [eBook] Johan Astborg + Responsive Web Design with AngularJS [eBook] Sandeep Kumar Patel + Learning jQuery - Fourth Edition [eBook] Jonathan Chaffer, Karl Swedberg + Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns [eBook] Simon Timms + JavaScript and JSON Essentials [eBook] Sai Srinivas Sriparasa + Object-Oriented JavaScript - Second Edition [eBook] Stoyan Stefanov, Kumar Chetan Sharma + AngularJS Directives [eBook] Alex Vanston + Delphi Cookbook [eBook] Daniele Teti +
  8. https://www.packtpub.com/packt/offers/free-learning The majority of websites employ JavaScript, and it is well supported by all modern web browsers without plugins. However, the JavaScript landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, and you need to adapt to the new world of JavaScript that people now expect. Mastering modern JavaScript techniques and the toolchain are essential to develop web-scale applications. Mastering JavaScript will be your companion as you master JavaScript and build innovative web applications. To begin with, you will get familiarized with the language constructs and how to make code easy to organize. You will gain a concrete understanding of variable scoping, loops, and best practices on using types and data structures, as well as the coding style and recommended code organization patterns in JavaScript. Everything you need to fully control JS to suit your needs and more can be found, so download today and see! Claim Your Free eBook Registration required. Limited Time.
  9. THE MOST COMPLETE IOT DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION : ENHANCED BY NXP http://www.hexiwear.com/#fixed-navbar http://www.hexiwear.com/hardware/ Software Examples https://github.com/MikroElektronika/HEXIWEAR Make Javascript Apps for Hexiwear 101 : This project unleashes a javascript mobile app template for reading data off the NXP Hexiwear. https://www.hackster.io/26887/make-javascript-apps-for-hexiwear-101-26d213?ref=part&ref_id=18845&offset=3 INFINITELY EXPANDABLE : HEXIWEAR DOCKING STATION WITH THREE SOCKETS FOR CLICK BOARDS http://www.hexiwear.com/expandability/ Add-on Boards (click boards) http://www.mikroe.com/click/ Create Hexiwear mobile apps with Evothings and HTML5/JavaScript Webinar JOIN NXP AT A LIVE WEBINAR ON SEPTEMBER 8 11:00 a.m. CDT, CREATE MOBILE APPS FOR HEXIWEAR IN MINUTES WITH EVOTHINGS AND HTML5/JAVASCRIPT REGISTER NOW In case you missed it, Hackster.io and NXP have extended the Hexiwear design contest until September 30th. Designed to inspire project ideas for mobile apps, this webinar will teach you to quickly modify bits of code to communicate between your Hexiwear device and a mobile phone. The possibilities are endless… remotely control your garage door opener by… http://www.hexiwear.com/create-hexiwear-mobile-apps-evothings-html5javascript-webinar/ JavaScript mobile apps for your NXP Hexiwear BLE device: https://evothings.com/javascript-mobile-apps-for-your-nxp-hexiwear-ble-device/
  10. BobLawrence

    Post-Trial (and Post-Purchase) Feedback

    re:I bought it anyway. =) I renewed my license a few weeks ago. I don't have much time to use it much but I'll hang in there and see how it progresses. I just loaded the Kiosk OS to a SD card and ordered a 10.1 " LCD screen to try the Raspberry Pi Kiosk project and I'm looking forward to all the new additions to Node.js that are expected soon. re:"Smart Mobile Studio Unleashed" I'm really looking forward to that book . Bob
  11. BobLawrence

    Node Security [eBook] (Free today only)

  12. BobLawrence

    Recive / Show PDF File

    re:is enough to show it. But obvious that doesn’t work in a mobile environment, because the ‘file://server/…’ URI doesn’t allow the necessary authentication to access the remote PDF. (at least I don’t know about one). Another approach would be to upload the PDF to the client but how to that? I’ll need access the local file system (from inside the browser, on android, IOS…). I would try to do it using Node.js. By default, Node.js the default installations come with the file system module. You can also load a NPM module for PDF generation. http://www.feedhenry.com/server-side-pdf-generation-node-js/ PDFKitA JavaScript PDF generation library for Node and the browser https://github.com/devongovett/pdfkit
  13. BobLawrence

    Recive / Show PDF File

    re:My first ever SMS application was a full-fledged invoicing system using server-side data and client-side pdf processing http://forums.smartmobilestudio.com/index.php?/topic/3827-creating-pdf-documents/
  14. BobLawrence

    SMS Component Generator

    re:i get the same message. he must have removed it, because it worked at one time Thanks! for letting me know.
  15. BobLawrence

    SMS Component Generator

    Is this link still working for others? I get this error message: Error (401)It seems you don't belong here! Check out our Help Center and forums for help, or head back to home.