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  1. Igor Savkic


    As always, your demos are quite interesting, looking forward to next upate. On the matter itself, there's been (or are) dozen of solutions that offer some kind of noCode data building and they generally work well unless you need something specific and that's the main weak point of such solution. NoCode solution can solve business problems to a degree, but they do tend to become complex as well. And they do require a knowlegable person to set it up and maintain it.
  2. Igor Savkic


    This is unfortunate, I do hope rest of the SMS team can pick up and bring version 4 to life in next year of two.
  3. Igor Savkic

    Buttons in SMS Browser vs Chrome/Edge

    Do you have Resize event (method) of the panel container? Try to add button layout change there.
  4. Igor Savkic

    Code does not work in external chrome browser

    > Sure, I have sent it to you via forumn messenger I get error: "Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https" From googling it seems Chrome denies all HttpRequests to file://urls. You have two options: a) Add some basic server that will serve these files b) Try to embed json data as image, there is SMS option for it binary data to image, it doesn't work for me (old version of SMS) but try yourself. I remember seeing somewhere post about it but I cannot find it now. I think correct path would be to use TW3Image to load such DataAsImage file, convert to TW3ImageData and from there extract string and parse it as you would usually.
  5. Igor Savkic

    Code does not work in external chrome browser

    I don't know, key is how Chrome sees it. Make sure it's not using cached data for that file. BTW if you have some example I can test it on my computer.
  6. Igor Savkic

    Code does not work in external chrome browser

    > So its empty only in the External Chrome browser, but NOT empty in Internal default Chrome Broswer (IDE) and NOT ecmpty in > External IE, Firefox, and Safari browsers? How could that be? > I load the JSON data...fHttp.Get('res\data.json'); Perhaps res\data.json is empty or doesn't exist? Try to use some manually assigned value to string instead of loading from file. > then onDataReady, I place data in string and then parse it ....as a test, Check first if OnDataReady is even called, I suspect something is wrong in that area of obtaining data. > I stringify the parsed data and display it in a show message > The showMessage does not display when running in external Chrome browser. Not showing at all or empty, try to use WriteLn instead, it should always work.
  7. Igor Savkic

    Code does not work in external chrome browser

    Then counties is most likely empty. If it's not an array you would get an error and since you have no error it must be empty. Try to call WriteLn(JSON.Stringify(gData)); WriteLn(JSON.Stringify(gData.counties));
  8. Igor Savkic

    Code does not work in external chrome browser

    That's some compiler or RTL thing probably, try to use JS length directly. Assuming counties is array something like: if gData.counties.length > 0 then
  9. Igor Savkic

    Code does not work in external chrome browser

    > TCounty(Forms[TCounty]).FillData; From where are you calling this? Perhaps that event doesn't fire in Desktop version. Try to add some WriteLn notification messages before/after and during FillData and see if they get displayed in console.
  10. Igor Savkic

    Code does not work in external chrome browser

    Does it show anything in browser console? Try to add breakpoint in browser at that line and see where it fails.
  11. Igor Savkic

    Save tw3image to desktop?

    It should be doable, you create link, point your image to it and click it. Here is an example of that tehnique: https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2017/01/20/smart-pascal-download-streams/
  12. Igor Savkic

    editbox to allow a subset of characters only

    Yes, standard Delphi behaviour is preferred, just document it for others without Delphi background.
  13. Igor Savkic

    Database connectors - what to choose ?

    I haven't tried SMS in combination with DataSnap/RemObjects but I have in combination with mORMot. Speedwise it's at the moment fastest available combination for data handling or displaying. In case you can serve pages filled with data on server side then you can handle all on mORMot side. Problem is high learning curve for both mORMot and SMS, so if you need a fast solution then some other solutions may be better fit. If you can spend more time on development you can get great results.
  14. Igor Savkic

    Confused on variants

    //compiles but gives execution error : Uncaught TypeError: MyList1.Business.Depts[0].Staff.add is not a function MyList1.Business.Depts[0].Staff.add('st4'); //works. Why does 'push' work but 'add' doesn't ? MyList1.Business.Depts[0].Staff.push('st5'); AFAIU you're working here with raw Variant and Staff is JS array object that doesn't have add function defined only push: //lowercase 'staff'. Compiles but gives execution error : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined MyList1.Business.Depts[0].staff.push('st6'); JS functions and properties are case sensitive so there's no staff defined only Staff.
  15. Igor Savkic

    Obfuscation To Protect Code

    Try Google obfuscation (https://developers.google.com/closure/compiler/) but sometimes SMS project doesn't work after it's processed. For really sensitive algos or data, I guess best way to protect it would be to move it to a server side and let SMS client just download minimum that's required for display.