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  1. IgorSavkic

    Chat Scroller - Need Some Tips

    Perhaps try to have control in virtual mode, meaning do not create all items in control, rather create enough to cover visible portion of the control
  2. IgorSavkic

    WebSocket Srv in Node

    Thanks, this looks like exacatly what I need. I've been trying whole day to make it work and it's always failing with warning that require is not recognized. It seems to me that NWjs developers do not test on Windows since with their exact steps (and code) app cannot even start, I'll try with other versions, hopefully there is one that works.
  3. IgorSavkic

    WebSocket Srv in Node

    Question about Node classes, what is the difference between TNJWebSocketServer in SmartNJ.WebSocket and one in SmartNJ.Server.WebSocket? I'm trying to create a kind of hybrid app, with two modes, client (standard SMS web client) and server (NodeJS server(with regular client as a GUI). App starts as a standard web client, displaying some data from server, depending on config it should start a NodeJS server as well (to which other clients in same LAN will connect). That of course doesn't work in browser so I was thinking of building it with nativefier since I've noticed it packages NodeJS (as dll) in the bundle. However I haven't managed to do it yet, nativefier produce standalone app, and client (GUI) works but server part does not. Server code is fine since it works when started through Node. If anyone worked more with nativefier or has any idea how to make it done I would appreciate it.
  4. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    > Through Project manager: Through Property Inspector I think SMS in this should behave as Delphi. Project manager operates on units, so it will display unit name (for example MainForm.pas) and renaming there, renames unit. Object/Property inspector operates on components, so changing form name just does that, changes form name and class, unit is unaffected. For forms units I do like to have a different unit name and a different form name, for example I prefix all controls with it's type abbreviation, something like: Unit: SettingsForm.pas FormControl: frmSettings Panel: pnlMain ListBox: lbItems Panel: pnlRight ListBox: lbCategories Panel: pnlBottom Button: btnOK Button: btnCancel
  5. IgorSavkic

    NodeJS file utils and native app

    Thanks, David and Nico, this will be a good starting point to experiment and get going.
  6. IgorSavkic

    Procedure code completion

    Often error may be in some other unit not in the one you're working on. In that case it would be good if code completion would work in unaffected-by-error class.
  7. IgorSavkic

    NodeJS file utils and native app

    Has someone tried to make SMS app which uses Node to access native file system, any hints or examples on how to do that? Also have someone tried building native apps with SMS, I see there's a nativefier and in Node it seems possible to access even WinApi, that opens a lot of possibilities.
  8. IgorSavkic


    Statistics as far as I could see just measure time while SMS was running in certain project. I believe it would be more useful to measure actual work time, while SMS was active (focused) and there were activity (keyboard, mouse). GetLastInputInfo might be a good way to catch it, for example if it returns something above 5mins, stop the timer.
  9. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    It doesn't happen every time, sometimes it raises AV (I'm attaching callstack for it), most times it just corrupts files without exception and sometimes it works. Here is a video of steps taken. SMS.mp4 CallStack.txt
  10. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    I'm using version 3.02.20, for me SMSUpdate says there's no development channel available so cannot try anything newer. Anyway, try AfterRename, that is the state of the project when error starts to happen.
  11. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    For me it happens always, here are two files. First is before renaming which works fine (compiles) and second is after renaming through ObjectInspector that fails. BeforeRename.7z AfterRename.7z
  12. IgorSavkic

    Procedure code completion

    If there's any error in code and code isn't compilable, adding new method to class declaration and pressing Ctrl+Shift+C will often mess code, add new method within some other or move it to the top of the unit (with some other methods). Best would be not to allow code completition if there's some error.
  13. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

  14. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    This is same problem from 2.x version, but it's worse now, then it was possible to fix it with editing .sfm file, now only solution is to delete form and start again Anyway, just add one form to project (main), then go to File/New/New form, when prompted name it SecondForm, form is created. Save project, go to SecondForm, in ObjectInspector change Name to frmSecond, save and project becomes uncompilable.
  15. IgorSavkic

    serviceWorkers (fetch)

    Thanks for example, I'm gonna try to extend it to with caching to achive offline working site.