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  1. We live in fast advancing times, potential application is limitless, I guess first we'll see it as replacement for human support.
  2. Thanks, I've tried but it always fails. It works for simple projects (some of demos I've tried) but more complex ones are no go. Does IDE itself uses smsc to compile? If so perhaps I could intercept somehow what it sends.
  3. What is the syntax for smsc to compile sproj file? It's a visual project file that compiles fine from within IDE.
  4. IgorSavkic


    I've noticed there's TVariant.IsString but also TVariantHelper.IsString (same for several other functions). They do the same thing, isn't one enough?
  5. Thanks for these details, I learn a new trick every day
  6. Thanks, it's quite informative. I never heard before of calc, it could be useful on certain pages.
  7. IgorSavkic


    Looks interesting, I think it could be implemented as partial class and added to RTL just like with MouseTouch.pas
  8. IgorSavkic


    Have you perhaps used Vue, does it manage/track all levels or only first?
  9. IgorSavkic


    Thanks, it seems to intercept any level get but only first (tracked) level set. leveltest.level2 := new JObject; ProxyObj.leveltest := leveltest; ProxyObj.leveltest.level2.level3 := 'level3Value'; Button3.OnClick := lambda Memo1.Add(MyProxy.leveltest.level2, True); MyProxy.leveltest.level2.level3 := 'changedLev3Value'; Memo1.Add(MyProxy.leveltest.level2.level3, True); MyProxy.leveltest := 'changedLev1Value'; leveltest := 'changedLev1Value2'; Memo1.Add(MyProxy.leveltest, True); end;
  10. IgorSavkic


    Quite interesting, I've done something similar and never knew this was possible. Do you know how does it handle setting subobjects, for example, you're proxying object which has 5 levels of subobjects and some property in level3Object is changed?
  11. IgorSavkic


    Nice, what did you use for payment processing?
  12. Wouldn't you get same effect with flex style?
  13. Here's example for csv file: var csv: string; begin csv := 'Field1,Field2,Field3' + #13#10; // Add other lines to it var link = w3_createHtmlElement('a'); link.href := 'data:text/csv;charset=utf-8,' + EncodeURI(csv); link.target := '_blank'; link.download := 'CarlSearch.csv'; BrowserAPI.Body.appendChild(link); link.click(); BrowserAPI.Body.removeChild(link); end;
  14. It's, I think it's same in all SMS versions, even latest stable (2.2.4543, where functions are called differently but code algo is same). I'm getting: 2020-02-01 18:00:00 [line #590] 2020-02-01 16:00:00 [line #590] 2020-02-01 17:00:00 [line #590] We're in different timezone (I'm CET), most likely that's the why you see difference, perhaps you would get wrong time for (which gives me correct one): Temp := EncodeDateTime(2020, 10, 1, 18, 0, 0, 0);
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