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  1. IgorSavkic

    Designer not working

    Yes, also updating SMS, I haven't tried full reinstall.
  2. IgorSavkic

    Designer not working

    I don't know what happened designer (for any project) stopped working, doesn't show any components. Also shows empty Welcome screen. But otherwise works, projects compiles and works. I don't know if I changed some setting that controls this. SMS is
  3. IgorSavkic

    SMS 3 + mORMot = Error

    And mustache template is equal to one I've sent? I have no idea, only to debug code and see what's going on during client wrapper creation. Here is project I have. BTW note that your file has wrong unit name (differts to file name) but that's probably you trying something. SmartMobileStudio.7z
  4. IgorSavkic

    SMS 3 + mORMot = Error

    > The new one has no UserName and Password. When I remove them, I am able to compile and connect to the service. It seems you have wrong path or wrong file, check in Project14ServerHttpWrapper.dpr call to AddToServerWrapperMethod, it specifies location of mustache template for SMS, it should resolve to your mORMotUnpackDir\CrossPlatform\templates. If you're running mORMotUnpackDir\SQLite3\Samples\27 - CrossPlatform Clients\Project14ServerHttpWrapper.dpr those paths should match. I'm including correct SmartMobileStudio.pas.mustache and mORMotClient files. > However, I run into issues with this: XMLHttpRequest with the synchronous flag set to true is deprecated due to its impact on user-perceived site > performance.It's probably because TServiceClientAbstract.Create does a synchronous call in CallRemoteServiceInternal > and CallGetResult returns an unidentified result. This has been the case from the start, but it doesn't affect working code. Once when browsers really remove that call it will stop working, there's no solution yet, ab from mORMot isn't using SMS anymore so someone else has to solve it. SmartMobileStudio.zip
  5. IgorSavkic

    SMS 3 + mORMot = Error

    You can download it from https://synopse.info/fossil/wiki?name=Downloads, file is mORMotNightlyBuild.zip. Unpack somewhere and copy units from CrossPlatform dir to SMS libraries dir. Now you can try some code, go to SQLite3\Samples\27 - CrossPlatform Clients, compile in Delphi Project14ServerHttpWrapper run once as admin compiled Project14ServerHttpWrapper.exe, this will register it as a handler within http.sys now start Project14ServerHttpWrapper.exe as normal user and leave it running. go to http://localhost:8888/root/wrapper, download SmartMobileStudio client unit copy downloaded mORMotClient.pas to Samples\27 - CrossPlatform Clients\SmartMobileStudio now compile "27 - CrossPlatform Clients\SmartMobileStudio\Project14Client.sproj in" SMS run it with F9, press Server connect, it should give an error now try it in Chrome, and it should work
  6. IgorSavkic

    SMS 3 + mORMot = Error

    I've tried same thing two weeks ago and it works. SMS is same version and mORMot is from December. I've used files from mORMot and latest SMS Alpha update.
  7. IgorSavkic

    Form designer improvements

    > I think the challenges would be to identify the controls from the "alien" html and tie them to functionality. With simple buttons and edits it's > easy, but more advanced, dynamic components are harder (like UL/OL-lists to ListBox) I would use attributes for that, for example to associate one div to label: <div ID="OBJ1" data-class="TW3Label" data-comp-name="lblMyLabel"> and from there's it's easy to lookup lblMyLabel control in .sfm file and recreate it properly. ListBox itself shouldn't be a problem, treat UL/OL as simple string ListBox and have a loader function to go through all li elements and call LB.Add for them. ListBox using custom components (for example another form) for items would use custom attributes to write what's necessary for it, and items for it would be added in runtime anyway so no problem of keeping those kind of items serialized to html.
  8. IgorSavkic

    Form designer improvements

    Right now form and control definitions, properties and events are stored inside .sfm files. In new SMS IDE designer uses Chrome so there's a nice opportunity to update that part, my idea is to store control definitions inside regular html files and have events and SMS specific properties stored inside .sfm file. That would probably be a major upgrade but it would bring so much benefits, for example separation of UI design from code, UI would be handed to designer and I could focus on programming logic. It would also allow to reuse available online templates and libraries, which would shorten development time. Alternative (perhaps easier to implement) would be build html importer, when you need a new form, select external .html file and IDE recreates it as standard .sfm file, unsupported controls could be mapped to neareast SMS equivalent (for example UL/OL lists would be mapped to ListBox) or to standard div/panel.
  9. IgorSavkic

    Waiting for controls to be ready

    What is not the recommended way of checkinf for object and all of it's children (say form and 10 controls on them) to be DOM ready? There's no OnObjectReady event, so probably something else? WaitFor, ReadyExecute?
  10. IgorSavkic

    css styling

    > It also makes life somewhat complicated. Easiest is just to forget about the layout functions in any css framework (positioning, sizing), and just > stick with the Smart layout system. That still leaves many css functions to do with colors, backgrounds, typography, borders, svg and effects It's probably matter of preference, I have very bad experience with SMS layout system in 2.2 version and to me it's preatty easy to get what I want with css. Haven't tried new one in 3.x version though. I'm not sure it can handle adjusting to different screen sizes or adding spacing between controls or width/height settings (2/3 of parent, 1/4+ 2/5 and similar stuff which are quite easy with css).
  11. IgorSavkic

    css styling

    I've also tried tailwind and it's quite nice and relatively easy. Hardest part was understanding how to make it's css classes compatible with SMS, for example setting alignment usually do not work since tailwind style is in colision with absolute position (or left, right, top, bottom, widht and height). Anyway for integration into SMS it would need an option in a control to specify what to emit when generating code, for example exclude absolute or left, right values. I'm thinking of some kind of property on control like TCtrlOptions = (coExcludeAbsPos, coExcLeft, coExlWidth, coExcHeight)... and we could simply set up those in ObjectInspector. Probably to make these setting inherited from parent (like ParentFont), set soExclAbsPos on a panel with 20 children and all of them when created wouldn't include position: absolute.
  12. I would like to try this new release, it's seems ALPHA channel isn't available for trial version nor for 2.x I have. Perhaps I should buy 3.02 version, will that license be compatible with 4.x version once it's released?
  13. IgorSavkic

    64 Bit Types

    There's probably no documentation on that, only thing available as some samples and articles from Jon: https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2015/03/07/system-interop-how-to-for-smart-mobile-studio/ https://jonlennartaasenden.wordpress.com/2017/06/04/smart-pascal-memory-and-pointers/ They are others on the memory matter (use seach option from above articles)
  14. IgorSavkic

    Parameter Passing

    I'm not an expert on this so take my words with reserve. During processing json objects (simple Variant variable) I've noticed that JS/SMS copies data by reference by default, so it's like you're passing var argument (procedure Test(var AVariable: Variant). Since TObject is also variant it's possible it's also copied by reference so you should be working on same instance of TObject as if it were a pointer.
  15. Interesting decision to move away from Delphi, you'll probably loose something in the process but it has great potential. When can we expect a preview? BTW would it then be possible to make SMS an online application?