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    Statistics as far as I could see just measure time while SMS was running in certain project. I believe it would be more useful to measure actual work time, while SMS was active (focused) and there were activity (keyboard, mouse). GetLastInputInfo might be a good way to catch it, for example if it returns something above 5mins, stop the timer.
  2. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    This is same problem from 2.x version, but it's worse now, then it was possible to fix it with editing .sfm file, now only solution is to delete form and start again Anyway, just add one form to project (main), then go to File/New/New form, when prompted name it SecondForm, form is created. Save project, go to SecondForm, in ObjectInspector change Name to frmSecond, save and project becomes uncompilable.
  3. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    > Through Project manager: Through Property Inspector I think SMS in this should behave as Delphi. Project manager operates on units, so it will display unit name (for example MainForm.pas) and renaming there, renames unit. Object/Property inspector operates on components, so changing form name just does that, changes form name and class, unit is unaffected. For forms units I do like to have a different unit name and a different form name, for example I prefix all controls with it's type abbreviation, something like: Unit: SettingsForm.pas FormControl: frmSettings Panel: pnlMain ListBox: lbItems Panel: pnlRight ListBox: lbCategories Panel: pnlBottom Button: btnOK Button: btnCancel
  4. IgorSavkic

    NodeJS file utils and native app

    Has someone tried to make SMS app which uses Node to access native file system, any hints or examples on how to do that? Also have someone tried building native apps with SMS, I see there's a nativefier and in Node it seems possible to access even WinApi, that opens a lot of possibilities.
  5. IgorSavkic

    NodeJS file utils and native app

    Thanks, David and Nico, this will be a good starting point to experiment and get going.
  6. IgorSavkic

    Procedure code completion

    If there's any error in code and code isn't compilable, adding new method to class declaration and pressing Ctrl+Shift+C will often mess code, add new method within some other or move it to the top of the unit (with some other methods). Best would be not to allow code completition if there's some error.
  7. IgorSavkic

    Procedure code completion

    Often error may be in some other unit not in the one you're working on. In that case it would be good if code completion would work in unaffected-by-error class.
  8. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    It doesn't happen every time, sometimes it raises AV (I'm attaching callstack for it), most times it just corrupts files without exception and sometimes it works. Here is a video of steps taken. SMS.mp4 CallStack.txt
  9. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    I'm using version 3.02.20, for me SMSUpdate says there's no development channel available so cannot try anything newer. Anyway, try AfterRename, that is the state of the project when error starts to happen.
  10. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

    For me it happens always, here are two files. First is before renaming which works fine (compiles) and second is after renaming through ObjectInspector that fails. BeforeRename.7z AfterRename.7z
  11. IgorSavkic

    Renaming form in ObjectInspector

  12. IgorSavkic

    serviceWorkers (fetch)

    Thanks for example, I'm gonna try to extend it to with caching to achive offline working site.
  13. IgorSavkic


    Has anybody tried to work with serviceWorkers in SMS? I should built kind of kiosk mode app that should work offline as well, apparently you can get that with serviceWorkers.
  14. IgorSavkic

    Forum access

    I've changed my password couple of days ago and I've been having trouble with login since. I have to reset password every time I visit forum, I do so, password is accepted and I can go to forum. However, tomorrow (or after logout), login with that password (it's double checked and tried with several browsers) doesn't work.
  15. IgorSavkic

    Forum access

    Thanks Daniel, that seems to be the same problem. I had to change display name and remove space from it and then it allows me log without reset.
  16. IgorSavkic

    TabControl & Tabs ?

    > I am attempting to use one form and a TabControl. This way, I have one header, one footer, and navigation buttons on just the form and NOT all the tabs. You don't need tab control for that, just make sure that Header/Footer control are children of Application.Display, that way any form you add will share desktop with those global header/footer.
  17. IgorSavkic

    SMS and MORMOT

    You can use SMS trial for the tests.
  18. IgorSavkic

    SMS and MORMOT

    > Hmmm - I'm a beginner at this. I still use old SMS myself with old mORMot so it will take some time till I switch to latest versions. > Just so I'm clear - do you mean use the LATEST SMS version with the old mormot ? Yes, I haven't tested that myself but one user in mORMot forum tried it and it worked for him.
  19. IgorSavkic

    SMS and MORMOT

    > 1. Does the current version of MS support mormot (ver 18)? In mORMot, last fully supported version of SMS is, I think at this moment ab (mORMot) doesn't have plans of adding support for SMS 3.0. I don't know if SMS team have plans for that. What would be required is changing SMS mustache template in mORMot, I reckon 1 to 3 days of work for a regular user (like myself). > 2. If not, if I purchase SMS, can I download a version that does? At the moment what should work is using latest mORMot for server side and some older one for SMS (to generate mORMotClient unit).
  20. IgorSavkic

    5-minute with SMS overview

    How would this work in a real app, first create controls in SMS and then connect to Vue? In that case having Vue controls native to SMS would help, since you would do that in SMS designer from the start. I believe having some of well known JS libraries supported on a low level in SMS would open up a new markets since after all pascal is much easier to work with than JS.
  21. IgorSavkic

    5-minute with SMS overview

    On the Vue matter, I think including it (or some similiar GUI solution) would be great addition to SMS. Right now lot of time when adding new page/form goes to setting UI, aligning etc. if that could be reduced it would be great. BTW any example of how to import and start using Vue now?
  22. IgorSavkic


    As always, your demos are quite interesting, looking forward to next upate. On the matter itself, there's been (or are) dozen of solutions that offer some kind of noCode data building and they generally work well unless you need something specific and that's the main weak point of such solution. NoCode solution can solve business problems to a degree, but they do tend to become complex as well. And they do require a knowlegable person to set it up and maintain it.
  23. IgorSavkic


    This is unfortunate, I do hope rest of the SMS team can pick up and bring version 4 to life in next year of two.
  24. IgorSavkic

    Buttons in SMS Browser vs Chrome/Edge

    Do you have Resize event (method) of the panel container? Try to add button layout change there.
  25. IgorSavkic

    Code does not work in external chrome browser

    > Sure, I have sent it to you via forumn messenger I get error: "Cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https" From googling it seems Chrome denies all HttpRequests to file://urls. You have two options: a) Add some basic server that will serve these files b) Try to embed json data as image, there is SMS option for it binary data to image, it doesn't work for me (old version of SMS) but try yourself. I remember seeing somewhere post about it but I cannot find it now. I think correct path would be to use TW3Image to load such DataAsImage file, convert to TW3ImageData and from there extract string and parse it as you would usually.