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  1. Jarto, I've been promised that for years now.. But the docs are still lacking, and the demos are still all focused on cool things rather than webapps.
  2. Sure, but building your own webshop is both a great showcase for SMS and what you can do with it, and shows that you're "eating your own food", just like building a forum in SMS would. 10 records, a million, it's just data, done right it's the same scripts, it just takes a bit longer to run
  3. Dennis, sure I can explain what I'm talking about. I haven't encountered any problems with your payment system because I haven't used it, but there are plenty of people having issues and talking about it on this forum, that brings up two things. First is that you haven't built your own ordering system OR your own forum, despite SMS being a web application development tool. The demos are neat as pieces, but I'm interested in productivity creating websites and web applications that scale, are easy to maintain and extend, but none of that is shown in the demos. The documentation i
  4. I'll check back in a few months, would like to take it out for a spin but with no Mac version, lacking docs, old/non-application demos, external payment system, and its own forum not built in it.. It'll take some convincing.
  5. And as soon as SMS becomes a non-commercial open source project, I might do that. In non-SMS stuff I've released several open source projects, added documentation, done bugfixes for other projects, etc. But for someone else's commercial software? Nope, if I'm paying for it, I shouldn't have to write the docs for it.
  6. That's pretty cool, but not a + for moving to SMS. Right now it's looking like lack of documentation, no Mac tools, code updates get more love than documentation, old/lacking demos. :/
  7. I'm looking at SMS again, but the layout manager page still has the same text as it did a year ago. The best source for info seems to be Primoz book, but that looks like it's been in development since 2012 and still not finished, and of course it's not free. The demos all seem to be the same as was there a year ago, almost all graphic/game focus, not much in the way of applications/websites. Am I wrong?
  8. It's easy to implement things like PayPal and Stripe, it might even be a good demo for SMS, creating a real live business application (Order system with payment processing).
  9. I'm looking at SMS as an alternative to my current stack for creating websites, but I can't find any demos on the website showing, well, websites, it's very graphics/games focused. Are there any good examples of websites and web applications created with SMS?
  10. Any plans at this point for a Mac version? I primarily use a macbook pro with extra monitors for software development.
  11. Perfect, thanks markus_ja, that works nicely!
  12. I'm evaluating SMS and really would like to use it, but as I'm looking around I see a lack of official documentation. The community has picked up a lot of slack it seems, but are there plans on releasing proper documentation? The best example I've seen is the layout manager, which on the website says "[Content to be added]" and links to community posts written in 2012. I did see a couple of books in progress, but I assume they won't be free for SMS licensees.
  13. I'm sorry, it was late, I should have been more specific. I'm using w3layout to make sure things resize properly, and I can't figure out how to place a button next to a memo without them both being the same height. This is what I have at the moment unit Form1; interface uses SmartCL.System, SmartCL.Graphics, SmartCL.Components, SmartCL.Forms, SmartCL.Fonts, SmartCL.Borders, SmartCL.Application, SmartCL.Controls.Label, w3layout, SmartCL.Controls.Memo, SmartCL.Controls.Button; type TForm1 = class(TW3Form) procedure Form1Click(Sender: TObject); FLayout:TLayout; private
  14. Looks like the Wiki is full of spam..
  15. I'm trying to recreate a chat application which I've already built to compare the level of effort, code complexity, maintainability etc. It seems *fairly* simple to lay things out in squares next to each other, but I run into an issue when I try to have a regular sized button next to a memo, I can't seem to make them different sizes. Could someone post an example of simply placing a button to the right of a memo, where the memo is 150 high and button is normal size and aligned to the bottom of the memo?
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