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  1. It's normal the BUTTON2 is not enabled Sorry for the problem
  2. It's Ok , I find the file "IOS.CSS" . The search on Windows 10 is not very good . Sorry for the question .
  3. You say : D) Edit smartms\Themes\iOS.css theme comment this line -webkit-appearance: none; I had a problem related to this css property, I can't reproduce the issue right now, See the post http://forums.smartm...ay-a-checkmark/ Where do you find the IOS.CSS file ? Thank you for your answer
  4. Why this modification is not include in the last version ? The problem exist in this last version ... If you test the demo : ControlsCheckBox the checkmark are not visible ...
  5. I use the last trial version of SMS Windows 10 When i test the example : ControlsToolButton. It's Ok for Button 1 and Button 3 : the Dialog Box show the correct message But for the Button 2 : nothing appear on the screen. The problem exist inside the Web Browser of SMS and outside SMS (in SAFARI) .
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