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  1. DavidRM

    CSS Resource Files

    I just did it again. I right-clicked on the CSS file in the "Resources" tree and chose "Remove". I right-clicked on the tree again and chose "Add", then "Resource Files..." Selected my CSS file. I right-clicked on the newly re-added CSS file in the Resources tree and see "Make Item Internal" which seems to me to be a flag that the project is considering this file an external file. I do a build. The correct CSS file is added to the "www\res" folder. I edit the CSS file using Notepad++. I do a build. The CSS file in the "www\res" folder is NOT updated. I DELETE the CSS file from the "www\res" folder. I do ANOTHER build. The CSS file added to the "www\res" folder is the ORIGINAL CSS file. NOT the edited one. The CSS file, though seemingly marked as "external", is being stored in the project file (I guess). And isn't updated until I do another Remove/Add sequence. -David
  2. DavidRM

    CSS Resource Files

    This is what I'm doing: procedure TApplication.LoadPBTCSS; begin TW3Storage.LoadCSS('res/PBTerm-NodeJS.css', procedure (const FromUrl: string; const ObjectHandle: THandle; const Success: boolean) begin if success then Writeln('PBTerm-NodeJS.css loaded.') else Writeln('Error loading PBTerm-NodeJS.css.'); end); end; However, how does changing how I call the CSS load solve the problem that the project is caching the CSS file? I update the CSS project file, I do a build, but the updated CSS file is *not* being copied into the new build. -David
  3. DavidRM

    CSS Resource Files

    I'm not using "Use Custom Theme". I'm using the default theme. But I added my own CSS file as an external resource. I'm just adding project-specific elements to my CSS file. -David
  4. DavidRM

    CSS Resource Files

    My current project has that option checked, and it doesn't work as expected. I can make changes in the CSS file all I want, do a new build, and those changes will *not* be included. Even when I delete the .css file from the "www\res" folder for the project, doing a new build replaces that file with the version as it was when I first added it to the project. So even my "external" CSS file is being saved somewhere in the project file. The only way to force it to update is to remove the CSS file from the project and add it again. -David
  5. DavidRM

    CSS Resource Files

    I have set my project to save my custom CSS file as separate from the project. But when I do a build/compile, it's not seeing changes to the external file. I have to remove the CSS file from the project then add it again before it sees the changes. So I guess it's caching the CSS file in the project and not updating it. -David
  6. DavidRM

    Development updates

    Ah, OK. I understand now. Thanks! -David
  7. DavidRM

    Development updates

    So is this actually updating my installed SMS files? Or just the files in the download folder? I ask because I would expect to be prompted for admin privileges to update Program Files. -David
  8. DavidRM

    IDE & Documentation

    If you need someone to help with proofreading, let me know. I can carve out a few hours. -David
  9. Thanks! I'll check 'em out. -David
  10. I have a project where I need to support traditional TCP connections, and I want to use Node for the server. From what I've seen, I should be able to achieve that using the Node "net" module. But there are no Delphi-like classes created for those sockets, like there are for WebSockets. There is a wrapper unit, but that's it. My question is: Can I use the WebSockets code (SmartNJ.Server.WebSocket) as a template for how I could do the same for "net"? I realize it's not a perfect analogy, but I'm trying to jumpstart things a bit. Thanks. -David
  11. DavidRM

    SMS + Node Reverse Proxy

    Yeah. I can piece it together from raw Javascript examples, but I was hoping someone else already had. ? -David
  12. DavidRM

    SMS + Node Reverse Proxy

    Anyone have any tips for setting up a Node-based SMS project as a reverse proxy? I did a quick search on the forums and didn't find anything about reverse proxy. Thanks! -David
  13. Rockin! Thanks! -David
  14. DavidRM


    I'm working on a project with SMS and have a couple more planned. I'm looking forward to the next update. I also expect to renew my subscription, which I think ends soon. Just saying. Also, if you need any help from the hoi polloi, let me know. -David
  15. It seems to bomb out almost at random. It makes the search in project files feature almost worthless. It's irritating AF. -David