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  1. I vote for removing it. I also vote for automatic tab stop numbering. -David
  2. I use OnGotFocus to select the text, is all. procedure TPlayerLoginForm.LoginHandleEditGetFocus(Sender: TObject); begin FLoginHandleEdit.SelectAll; end; -David
  3. I manually set the tabIndex for the controls. And use the key down event to handle pressing ENTER to move to the next control. I set it using the Handle property. Example: FLoginHandleLabel := TW3Label.Create(FPanel); FLoginHandleLabel.AutoSize := True; FLoginHandleLabel.TextNode.style.setProperty('font-weight', 'bold'); FLoginHandleLabel.Caption := 'Handle (or email address)'; FLoginHandleEdit := TW3EditBox.Create(FPanel); FLoginHandleEdit.PlaceHolder := '...handle'; FLoginHandleEdit.OnGotFocus := LoginHandleEditGetFocus; FLoginHandleEdit.OnKeyDown := LoginHandl
  4. Just to mention it... I had this problem too. I never received an email with my new information. I was able to get it from clientarea.*, though. -David
  5. I just saw it happen when I selected a block of lines from the bottom up (instead of top down). -David
  6. DavidRM

    PixiJS v5

    How hard would it be to to get the PixiJS unit included with SMS updated to the latest release (v5)? Thanks! -David
  7. That seems to have fixed it. Thanks! -David
  8. Those details I mentioned: I have to go into settings, general, iPhone storage, scroll down to safari, select website data. Then swipe left on [the domain name] and press delete Thoughts? -David
  9. I've had some players report that their iPhone browser has a problem loading my Paintball Net UI web page (which was built with SMS). That is, they have to do some kind of "delete data" for the URL, then the page will load again. I'll provide more details from one of the users when I get it. Any ideas? Thanks. -David
  10. I've had to use promises extensively, especially for accessing MySql. I've used Warley Alex's posted promise unit instead of the RTL unit.
  11. Here is my Smart Mobile Studio adaptation of the Node.JS "node-gameloop" module. My primary modification was some code to make the *next* interval line up with the desired number of ms per tick. I also tightened the window for choosing SetTimeout vs SetImmediate. I needed this to provide the beating heart of Paintball Net's simulation engine. Which, sure, only beats 10 times per second, but I wanted it to be as accurate as possible. 🙂 -David unit UPBNGameGameLoop; interface uses System.Types, System.Types.Convert, System.Time, System.Streams, System.Reader, Sy
  12. Alrighty then. I have a plan of attack now. THanks! -David
  13. Some of my users have connected with mobile devices. I've done it with a Google Pixel 2, though not for long stretches of time. I haven't heard of any dropping connections like that. IPhones and Android both.
  14. @lynkfs It sounds like I should get the Websocket upgraded to SSL before messing with the web page. But since the backend doesn't have a domain name, I'm not sure how the certificate would work. This part is all quite new to me. (Hell, before last fall NodeJS/Websocket was totally new to me). I'm kinda figuring out as I go.
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