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  1. I need some help /guidance / perhaps there is sample app out there...... What I have done in past is start witha CRM app in Delphi . I want to recreate that. From what I have read I need to setup a REST API server to provide the app data Whether a PHP app or a Node.js server. I nned some help or a colaborator that can provide guidance or example on how to do this. The app I am starting with is kind of a base app that I base all kinds of projects on so its something I don't mind sharing with other to learn from and possibly make better with some kind of basic reporting feature et
  2. Nico, Where can I find dbsmsmysql.php you reference in your example code? I did a google search and nothing comes up. Cheers! - Lou p.s. I made donation on your page for SMS HTML components, just waiting for downoad link to arrive
  3. Nico, Thanks for sharing your example, I will check it out and see how far I get. This is along the lines of what I was hoping to find.
  4. Hello, I have SMS Pro, currently just experimenting with it and I just started going through a Node.js course to learn more about it. I know that I need to use Rest or Node.js to connect to my Postgres database, but not sure about the next step. Is there an example/tutorial on some basics? cheers! - Lou
  5. Thanks for reply. I guess I have much to learn about NodeJS and SQLite .... at least I get to use a familiar language object pascal to I will see what sample apps are available that I can study and see where I go from there. Cheers!
  6. I am just getting started with SMS. I started with Pro version. What are possible ways of accessing a database with Pro? - Lou
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