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  1. Added a video showing difference between tapping and clicking on Bug 2
  2. Hi, Bug #1 - tw3panel vs tw3button I've encountered a discrepancy with how the css is applied to different components. In this example the :active selector in the css doesn't work on the button but does work for other selectors like :hover. :active also works on tw3panel for example. :active -> green :hover -> red normal -> blue Bug #2 - toggle button As a work around of not being able to use :selected in the past I was using two css classes and switching the StyleClass of the component onClick to create essentially a Toggle Button. This has now broken for s
  3. See link for best practice implementation of css injection.
  4. @jarto #1 Will draw up a test and get back to you when i return to work.
  5. @lennart Was there any progress on this? TW3EditBoxes (and custom classes derived from it) are still very slow to enter on some iOS devices. Some recreate-able bugs on iOS found are the following: Bug #1: iPhone iOS 11 When clicking into a TW3EditBox, keyboard shows. If you then click on a button while the keyboard is still showing (and input still has focus) then the button's onClick will NOT fire if the component was generated via TW3Editbox.Create(self) in InitializeForm but WILL fire if generated through the GUI "drop in" method. Bug #2: iPad Mini 2 iOS 9
  6. There is an issue that is very obscure with the IDE/RTL which seems to glitch out only when Project Options is not entered. The Exact steps to reproduce are shown in the demo but are also outlined here: Create New Project Add the code into InitializeObject: writeln("entered intialize object of form"); var s := #' .TW3EditBox { color: #0000ff; }'; writeln("After multi-line css"); browserapi.document.styleSheets[0].insertRule(s, 0); writeln("After insert rule css"); Compile and Run Error will show, now go to Project > Default Project Options
  7. recursiveElk

    New Themes ?

    Thanks for the info! I do agree creating a new custom theme-file would be the way to go. I'm just in the process of working out what's the best way to adapt an existing program that was around before this was possible to do.
  8. Hi, Odd as i can't find the link anywhere else and the glyphs don't show up. This might be because i made my css file external before the patch and therefore it's missing potentially crucial additions. I tried this with all sorts of methods in the external sheet, such as applying to the following: .TW3Dialog > .TW3Glyph { color: #ffffff; } .TW3Dialog > * { color: #ffffff; } .TW3Dialog { color: #ffffff; } .TW3Glyph { color: #ffffff; } .TW3Dialog > a { color: #ffffff; } That would be brilliant, If i somehow had access to the sub-components of the dialog
  9. recursiveElk

    New Themes ?

    I'd love a way to set a default or turn off border for all components as since the latest update every panel i have has an extra border that wasn't there before.
  10. Also when i try add this line to the top of my existing css: /* And we use font-awesome for inline glyphs */ @import url('https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.css'); it throws this error:
  11. What's the easiest way i can change the color of this icon to say, white? Seems the general consensus is to simply change the color : #ffffff; but i can't get access to the FGlyph sub component when i'm just using ShowDialog();
  12. Hi there, I've been attempting to restyle the TW3Dialog component so that it fits more in theme with the rest of our program. However since the changes in the last alpha( the construction of this component has changed somewhat. This is what i have so far: but i can't seem to get the text to center correctly. I have tried using things like TW3Dialog > TW3Label { text-align:center; } or TW3Dialog > p { text-align:center; } or TW3Dialog > * { text-align:center; } Here is the code that i found in the external css relevant to the TW3Dialog Box
  13. Hi sorry i realise that, it's just the scope of the problem is a bit big to link code. However this is the crux of the problem. under Form Activated of Form B i call: // Load Retrieved Student Data // If there are more new students than panels if FamilyDataArray.count-1 > studentarray.count then begin // add students until it matches the students you load in. for var i := 0 to (FamilyDataArray.count - 1 - studentarray.count - 1) do begin myCustomControl.AddStudent(myCustomControl); end; end else begin // If there are more existing panels than new students
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