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  1. Thank you for reminding us! We have updated build process to use UPX 3.95. Best regards, Primož
  2. That indeed doesn't work ? I'll look into that. Thank you again! Primož
  3. Sorry it took me so long to come back to this ... I did a simple test and it worked for me. I created folder Common inside the project folder. Then I added it to the project search path (Project, Project Options, Compiler, Project search path). I created unit CommonStuff.pas inside that folder and added it to the project `uses` statement. uses SmartCL.System, Unit1, CommonStuff; {$IFDEF SMART_INTERNAL_HANDLE_EXCEPTIONS} try {$ENDIF} var Application := TApplication.Create; Application.RunApp; {$IFDEF SMART_INTERNAL_HANDLE_EXCEPTIONS} except on e: Exception do
  4. I'll check this. Thanks for the report! (If there's indeed a bug it will be fixed as soon as possible. Search paths were tested and they were working so - if there's a problem - it is probably just a regression.)
  5. gabr42

    WebWorker demo

    Problem fixed. We updated the beta channel with the new RTL so you can rerun SmartUpdate and get the fixed files. Worker is now compiled to the www subfolder so you don't have to copy files around. Thank you very much for reporting this problem! That one would slip directly under the radar. P.S. We are aware that worker.js is quite large at the moment. We are working on that.
  6. gabr42

    WebWorker demo

    Thanks, I see the problem now. Somehow, I was testing with old worker.js and that's why the problem didn't pop up.
  7. gabr42

    WebWorker demo

    Can I ask you which version of Smart are you running? Latest beta? Did you modify the demo in any way?
  8. gabr42

    WebWorker demo

    Checked now and it works just fine: - compile 'Worker' - compiler 'Main Application' - run 'Main Application' in Chrome
  9. gabr42

    WebWorker demo

    What browser are you running it in. It may be possible that WebWorker is not working in the built-in server. Did you try running it in Chrome? I'll check it out later today to see what's going on.
  10. You can use layout manager to resize to any area - TLayout has a Resize function which accepts a TRect. I had never used it with a modal dialog, though, so I don't know whether it will work correctly. Please report your findings!
  11. You are correct, something is indeed wrong with the version from the internet, although the exe that I just created from the 2.2.2 sources, works just fine Please use this version until we correct the problem: https://www.dropbox.com/s/061mdhgkv7dsb3f/smsc.exe?dl=0
  12. This looks like a regression in the compiler. As a quick fix we have prepared release 2.2.2 which contains all changes from 2.2.1 except the new DWScript. I have tested it and it works correctly. It is available as of this moment via SmartUpdate. We'll try to push out a "proper" release tomorrow. Thanks for reporting it. We do apologize for this SNAFU.
  13. We have fixed the icons. The reason was a wrongly set option in the FinalBuilder script handling the release build If you are using SmartUpdate you can already download the fixed version. An official release of the 2.2.1 hotfix is planned for tomorrow. About the DPI - this will probably only be fixed when we move to a newer Delphi. And, sorry, I can't give you any specific time frame for that.
  14. We'll work on the debugger in the next release cycle (2.3). There was just too many other things this time around, sorry.
  15. gabr42

    Search in the IDE

    This fix was now merged into the version 2.2 branch. I've somehow missed it before, sorry
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