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  1. Unfortunatelly the public nodejs echo server wss://echo.websocket.org no longer works. That's the least of my problems... Can someone show me a few lines of code to show, how to write this in smart mobile studio? The nodejs websocket server demo sample program only starts the server. In the server how can I send the string back to the client?
  2. It seems the good looking toggle switch component not working with the firefox desktop versions. Chrome, Opera, Brave no problem and even the Firefox Android also ok, just the desktop Firefox(32 and 64 bit version also, windows/Linux same wrong result). Probably inside the component the "checked:=not(checked)" procedure happening to fast. //anyway with this additional code the toggle switch component give a little bit better user experience procedure TForm1.W3ToggleSwitch1Click(Sender: TObject); begin W3ToggleSwitch1.checked:=not(W3ToggleSwitch1.checked)
  3. Thanks!! // those damn delphis habits ...
  4. Hello somebody, I can not add items to the W3Combobox runtime. // w3combobox1.items.add('something...'); W3combobox1.Items.clear also not work. With something browserapi calls possible to handle these?
  5. yes you are right, thank you! It's another world. I'm better off trying to sort out Smartmobile Studios image components in real time....
  6. Oh yes... this grid design very good looking on my phone also! Thank you so much! Somebody can write how is possible to catch a separated click event for examle just for the center image in this project? // I talked about this section in the innerHTML: <li> <figure> <!-- Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash --> <img src="https://images.unsplash.com/photo-1513309914637-65c20a5962e1?ixlib=rb-1.2.1&ixid=eyJhcHBfaWQiOjEyMDd9&auto=format&fit=crop&w=3450&q=80" alt="Several friends doing a toas
  7. Thank you Jarto! Finally I found what was the problem...... I worked with the master channel where the stringgrid absolute not available and the the normal grid was so promising ..... while I not found the Development channel... Now I feel good with the new components. The "new" stringgrid likeable!!
  8. Available with a easy way to select one line only? (like in the delphi Stringgrid1.options with gorowselect=true value) I tried to change the SetContentSelectionMode with all values ( tsmNone, tsmAuto, tsmText, tsmAll, tsmElement) but nothing changed. Maybe I misunderstood something, but then what this SetContentSelectionMode function good for?
  9. This code working fine after 5 years! Possible to catch the end of stream event? (The best if available information from the media file. Length especially and the player actual position)
  10. I see that this is a wonderful product in the future. Many old delphis guys will drop the enjoyment of programming again. It would be worth thinking about the priority. I also like to run Sinclair Spectrum emulators, but for that I will never pay more for a smile. The money users will come from the business sector. Without an easy-to-use database manager I'm sorry waiting for the pay button I hate accounting programs just like you. If I can only do graphic programs, but unfortunately I can not save 'txt' or 'ini' files to the server...
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