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    kockas got a reaction from jarto in toggle switch in Firefox browser not working   
    It seems the good looking toggle switch component not working with the firefox desktop versions.
    Chrome, Opera, Brave no problem and even the Firefox Android also ok, just the desktop Firefox(32 and 64 bit version also, windows/Linux same wrong result).
    Probably inside the component the "checked:=not(checked)"  procedure happening to fast.
    //anyway with this additional code the toggle switch component give a little bit better user experience
    procedure TForm1.W3ToggleSwitch1Click(Sender: TObject);

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    kockas reacted to lynkfs in Combobox items work like "read-only" mode   
    don't use the items object :
    procedure TForm1.InitializeForm; begin   inherited;   // this is a good place to initialize components   W3ComboBox1.add('Line 1');   W3ComboBox1.add('Line 2');   W3ComboBox1.add('Line 3'); end; procedure TForm1.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject); begin   W3ComboBox1.Clear; end;  
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    kockas got a reaction from jarto in TW3StringGrid is available   
    Thank you Jarto!
    Finally I found what was the problem...... I worked with the master channel where the stringgrid absolute not available  
    and the the normal grid was so promising ..... while I not found the Development channel...
    Now I feel good with the new components.
    The "new" stringgrid likeable!!
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