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  1. This is a bug that must be resolved. There should of course be no problem using Unicode characters in the UI designer. Same problem if I do it from code. It worked fine in earlier versions (pre beta).
  2. I created a new application and just added a label with some Norwegian characters in. They all come out wrong. I've attached the the design and runtime result. Runtime: Design time:
  3. I don't see the visual designer at all. I've tried demo projects and clean new project, but only a blank white page appear. And it's not possible to drop a component on it. Nothing happens. What I did was to make a copy of my SMS 3 folder, and then run the SmartUpdate utility from that one. All files got updated, but it does not work. Do I need to do a fresh install?
  4. @IElite Yes, but I want the background to be different depending on data. Ie. normally all rows are white, but on error conditions the rows should be red.
  5. Is there an easy way to have custom row (or column) color/background?
  6. I doesn't seems like that modal dialog can be resized if for example the device is turned. The UI behind resizes correctly but the resize method is never called on the modal panel (or form). I'm I missing something here? SMS 3.1
  7. sibar

    Grid control

    OK. Is it possible to have the source of the current version for testing on a project I'm doing now? It's an application that will run on Android tablets and PC's. Thanks
  8. sibar

    Grid control

    Hi, Will there be a proper (column resizing, sorting etc.) grid control any time soon? Regards Sindre
  9. Attached is a simple project with a Cw.Client.Core unit i a subdirectory Client. I've made an error in the Cw.Client.Core and when I try to compile i reports that the Cw.Client.Core not found. Also Ctrl-Click is not working and File/Open... will open the untiu but not shift to the tab sheet. Sindre SearchPathTest.zip
  10. Hi, I'm using the latest version from the development channel. When using project search path, SMS is not able to locate units when clicking on the error message. Ctrl-Click (or Ctrl-Enter) a unit name is not working either. Also when using File/Open the unit will be opened as the last tab, but not switched to. It took a while before I noticed it. Another annoying issue is that when a unit is updated from an external source, SMS will not detect it and offer to reload. I only use relative paths in project search path. Regards Sindre
  11. I immediate relative to work, but not up the three like ie. ..\Common or just ..\ Also Ctrl-Enter does not work. Sindre
  12. Thanks. That worked. But I hope project level library path will be fixed so I can have ie. auto generated project specific source files in separate folders.
  13. I've tried to use the Project search path to include a folder with common files, but it seems not work at all. I've tried both relative and absolute paths with no luck. This is on the latest V3. Sindre
  14. Ok. I'll look at TW3ListBox instead. Thanks.
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