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    Should the Debugger work?

    Also verified that this works: asm debugger end; and it's under control of the compiler, so you could but a flag in code that conditionally calls it, settable from you ui.
  2. Jim Mack


    Hi, Although SMS has done a brilliant job with their approach to HTML forms + css, I am interested in continuing my current use of Vue.js. I expect it to be straightforward, as the js/asm work seems also brilliant, but wonder if anyone has had any experience? Thanks, Jim
  3. Jim Mack

    Kitchen Sink App

    Even though SMS has some interesting ideas about the GUI, I am very interested in combining Vue with SMS. I'm ok with JS but really think in a more traditional object inheritance style. Please let me know if anyone is still working on this now.
  4. Jim Mack

    Smart bytecode compiler

    My God, don't you guys ever rest?
  5. Jim Mack

    install package compilation error

    Ok, I just read on facebook that this is solved by deleting the RTL folder & rerunning smart Update. I'll leave this here, make Package Compilation Error searchable.
  6. Jim Mack

    install package compilation error

    downloaded alpha a while ago, ran smart update today, got this, continued to exe, applied renewed license, restarted app, still get this. smart update says all files up to date. IDE shows What would my next steps be to help debug this? Thanks, looking great! Jim