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  1. Hi, Thanks for all the effort in making Smart Mobile Studio a powerful tool for pascal web development. After having a license for over a year I am finally making some effort at building a real life application. I just want to provide some feedback; I did try a quick search in the forum to avoid duplication. I believe I am testing the latest development version; however I do find it difficult to know with any certainty. Versioning Release notes in SmartUpdate have incorrect date (I think). Can you make it easier to identify the version available? SmartUpdate fa
  2. For anyone needing something similar unit SmartCL.Controls.StringGrid.ImageColumn; interface uses W3C.DOM, System.Types, System.Types.Graphics, System.Types.Convert, System.Time, System.Dictionaries, SmartCL.Application, SmartCL.Components, SmartCL.System, SmartCL.Theme, SmartCL.Css.Classes, SmartCL.Scroll, SmartCL.Controls.Label, SmartCL.Controls.StringGrid, SmartCL.Controls.Image; type TW3StringGridImageColumn = class(TW3StringGridColumn) protected function GetClasses: String; override; public constructor Create; override; functi
  3. @IElite Thanks for that very helpful reply.
  4. Hi, Is it possible to add an image to a cell?
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