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  1. Bumping this as I have not heard from anyone at SMS to resolve this.
  2. My license key expired back in March and I am trying to get going with a new key. I got the email about a renewal which was successfully completed, but I never got the license key like I had in the past. Can you help with this. Thanks.
  3. OK, I fixed the transparency item by adding some tags to the style to override other CSS it was inheriting. I created a function that can automatically add these tags to any panel the I might need this. procedure TFormClock.TransparentPanel(APanel: TW3Panel); begin w3_setstyle(APanel.Handle, 'background', 'transparent'); w3_setstyle(APanel.Handle, 'outline', 'none'); w3_setstyle(APanel.Handle, '-webkit-box-shadow', 'none'); w3_setstyle(APanel.Handle, 'box-shadow', 'none'); w3_setstyle(APanel.Handle, 'border', 'none'); end;
  4. I am here in Chicago, IL, USA and I have a clock app that is just for fun and is a work in progress. When I use FormatDateTime ('h:nn:ss am/pm', Now) the AM/PM indicator returns AM when the time is 12:00 pm to 12:59 pm at 1:00 pm the AM/PM indicator then works correctly and returns PM when expected. I'm assuming it does the same thing but swapped for the 12:00 am to 12:59 am period. I watch this here at https://www.harmonicmix.com/clock which is a SMS built app. This is a testing app for various features and I'm guessing that the browser Javascript runtime is providing the date time
  5. Yes, if I make the change and comment out that line, the items do align correctly on the initial form create. And if I leave that line enabled, you are correct that when I resize the window, they do draw correctly. Now that you know where the issue is, I feel great that you'll come up with a solution to accommodate. The progress you have made recently with this stuff is great and I have been enjoying working with this . And to be honest, I am using the Alpha track for production development and I had just gotten used to not leaving a way to revert back to the prior version. This
  6. I just downloaded this version and opened a project that was using various Align features. The project when run was not displaying items as I expected. So I tried something simple. 1) Created a new project 2) On the form placed a TW3Panel and aligned it with the Top (alTop) Changed the color to red just to visual see this panel at runtime ---- This works.... 3) Placed a TW3Label inside the TW3Panel and selected align left (alLeft). When I run the project, the label is not visible. 4) If the change the label to align none (alNone), it displays in the panel just fine as expec
  7. This worked like a champ. Thanks for helping to figure this out. I just couldn't find the easy route to get this work and the ForEach example was perfect.
  8. Jarto, I did check this out. However, it is not generic for parsing JSON data. In that example the JSON file is defined in the code. In the DataReceive function, it has the items like 'name', 'alpha3Code', etc. already defined here. It is not generic and does show how one would go about determining if there are additional fields in the JSON dataset. Below is the code directly from that example. Ideally I'd liked to access those fields in a more generic fashion. try JsonData:=TJson.Parse(Sender.ResponseText); W3StringGrid1.RowCount:=Length(JSonData); for i:=0 to W3StringG
  9. OK, I have looked at examples and I am sure I am just overlooking something simple. I have a REST service returning simple results for various tables in a database. The results can vary in the number of fields returned and the field names can be different. I know that I should be able to write a generic function to parse this JSON pattern, but I just can't seem to figure it out in SMS. I know I can do it with Javascript, but I am hoping someone can help fill in a blank I am missing in processing JSON with SMS. Below are two sample JSON text strings that I'd like to parse and add to a grid dy
  10. Hey, you could tell from my short post that I was dealing with trying to make a login form more friendly. Also, 4 STARS to SMS for allowing us to mix and match Javascript into the code so that we can always find an answer. One question. I see you have an event handler OnGotFocus. Are you doing anything special here to support the proper TabIndex process or are you just doing something else like reading the field and doing a SelectAll on the text in the field itself? Just curious. Thank you David for the guidance. I'll give this a try and I'm sure it is what I am looking for.
  11. With SMS, what is the best way to manage tab order? I have tried capturing the TAB key in the KeyDown event which does work, but when I try to use object.SetFocus, the focus will not move based on the code and still ends up in a funky spot. Lastly, if I want a button to be use as default when a user presses enter on a TW3EditBox field, I assume I can use the KeyDown event to capture an enter and call the correct function. Thanks for the help.
  12. Just a quick thumbs up in support of Tailwind.css and integrating it into a SMS app. I have used it for a project and it is really easy to adjust once you include it in your project. The best option for me to easily adjust the look and feel of things without needing to reinvent the wheel here.
  13. I use TW3StringGrid in a project and I just noticed that when the grid has more rows than space to display them, the scrollbar shows, but the grid won't show the scrolled data in Firefox. This works fine in Chrome and Edge. I tested this in the DEV channel and I am using version I also tried the two sample apps, "StringGrid Demo" and "GridProject" and they both have the same issue only in Firefox. Any ideas on what I am missing? Firefox was version 70.0 64 bit. tim
  14. Jarto, Does this mean I can pull the dev update down for refresh with your changes? Thank you for the quick response. tim UPDATE1: I did see the new update out there. I have pulled it down and will test a little later. Thank you. UPDATE2: All worked as expected. Thanks.
  15. I have upgraded to the latest DEVELOPMENT channel version After I upgraded SMS, the form transitions stopped working and I could not get the app to move smoothly to another form. For fun, I tested the MultipleForms demo and got almost the same results. When clicking Button2 to transition to a form created by the application, nothing happens. When you click on the second button that creates a form on the fly and then transitions to it does work, but then you can't transition back to the first form. In the demo app, this is the line of code that is not working for the auto cr
  16. Ok, I think I need to go back on all of that above, it was NOT A PROBLEM with the Grid. I think it was a problem with object initialization. In this project, I was using FontAwesome and I had the following for a form in the InitializeObject procedure. I initialized the Grid and added the InnerHTML to a button. procedure TForm_ProjectMasterListN.InitializeObject; begin inherited; {$I 'Form_ProjectMasterListN:impl'} writeln('InitializeObject'); InitGrid; W3Button1.InnerHTML:=#'<i class="fa fa-refresh fa-2x"></i>'; end; As I worked through this I discovered the when
  17. Thanks. I appreciate you trying it out. Still trying to track down exactly what is the issue with my project.
  18. OK, now I have some more info. The issue I'm having is specifically with TW3Grid. My code was initially based on the demo provided and does approximately the exact same process. The demo grid project still works exactly as it is, but now I am comparing the two and at the moment everything seems to be reasonably the same In ObjectInitialize in my project, I am creating the columns in the grid with the following code. The very first TW3TextColumn.Create I call is generating the error. I am digging into this later today and I'll continue to update what I find. If anyone has any ideas, p
  19. In the previous BETA channel, I had an app that was working just fine. Now in version, the app build creates an error when run. "TypeError, Cannot read property 'FHandle$4' of null" I know this is a BETA, but since it was working in the previous versions and then broke it this one, I'm wondering how I can go about figuring out what might have happened. Just looking for any suggestions to investigate further. Thanks.
  20. Jarto, I think in the Update list, the date for this update readme lists 2018 and not 2019. You just might want to check. tim
  21. I have just done a light review of this StringGrid demo and was wondering if TW3Button is an option. What the real question is how to get the unique ID of selected row and then take the user to either a new form or view based on the selected item. At this time, I have used the TW3Grid, but was interested in perhaps switching over to this one.
  22. Thank you for the quick overview. I had seen notes about the handle, but was hoping someone could summarize it here for me. This helps to clarify and gives me a start. I will always try to figure out how to keep things organized in SMS, but for the short term, ASM may be the crutch I need to get things going.
  23. I have been using ASM blocks in my project and find that I want to mix javascript and SMS. Below are two use cases. In an ASM block I would like to set a SMS attribute on a SMS object like a button doing something like TW3Button.Visible := True In an ASM blick I would like to call a SMS procedure or function to complete some common actions Below is my psuedo code which I am hoping someone can correct and give some guidance on. I'm just looking for enough to be dangerous..... EXAMPLE 1: Set attribute on button. asm // Unsure how to do this here to call back to a button
  24. Ok, this first follow up is what I did to get it working based on some of the links for handling forms in javascript. Fortunately because I could mix and match SMS Pascal and Javascript, I get the best of both worlds. On my Smart Form, I have a TW3Button and a TW3EditBox with a type of ltFile. Then with the following javascript, I can get the form posted correctly to a backend which is able to capture the file and other variables of the form. Note that the other elements are created dynamically based on an example I was using. The ShowMessage and Alert items were just feedback mechanisms
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