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  1. Hi, the Google component is great but there's no way that I'm going to hand my credit card details to Google and risk being bankrupted if a bot attacks my site. Does anyone have an equivalent OpenStreetMap component with some of the functionality?
  2. Agree, KeyDown as a var parameter which can either modify the value of the key pressed, or cancel the key if set to #0 would be great! Passing ShiftState would be useful too - does SMS support this? I guess it would have to be the last parameter to avoid breaking existing code. No big deal if you can't though.
  3. @jarto Have you updated the 3.0 master channel with the fixed CSS files?
  4. You can simply cast the TDateTimes to Double. The difference in the integer parts is the number of days and the fractional parts is fractions of a day e.g. 0.5 = 12pm, so multiplying the fractional part by 24 is the number of hours. procedure TForm1.W3Button1Click(Sender: TObject); var dt1, dt2: TDateTime; dt3: Integer; dt4: Double; begin dt1 := Now; dt2 := Now + 2.5; dt3 := Floor(dt2 - dt1); dt4 := Frac(dt2 - dt1) * 24; ShowMessage(IntToStr(dt3) + ' days ' + IntToStr(dt4) + ' hours'); end; If you want better precision than hours, a bit more work
  5. Looks like an issue with Selstart/SelLength or the associated Windows messages being fired during scrolling. If nothing is selected before scrolling takes place then SelLength should always be zero. What kind of Delphi control are the IDE and browser source code windows?
  6. I can't make this happen in the source window, but it's happening in the browser source code window when I run an app then drag the scrollbar. And it is indeed extremely annoying! Richard
  7. I've just tried this on both my Windows 7 desktop and Windows 10 laptop and can't reproduce the problem on either.
  8. You just need to extend the TimeToMilliseconds routine to multiply the integer part of the TDateTime (days since 30th Dec 1899?) by MillisecondsPerDay and add it to the time part. It will overflow an integer so you'll need to work in floats. Richard
  9. Looking at the code, time functions act only on the fractional part of TDateTime, so adding 2 to a TDateTime has no effect on the time.
  10. Thanks guys, loving the way this all hangs together! Richard
  11. Thanks jarto! So the theme set in Linker overrides some of the settings in Property Inspector (e.g. BorderRadius) which was really confusing me, but I see that these can be changed in InitialiseForm. I was rather expecting the theme css to be visible in the Project Manager, but I see that if you select the theme file you want in Project Options, Linker, then click Use Custom Theme this creates an editable theme file for the project. Richard
  12. Why is the button text in a large blue font when this demo is run? So much to learn I fear! Richard
  13. The following lines are duplicated when copying to an empty buffer. Is this necessary and if so, why? TMarshal.Move(mData,0,FBuffer.handle,0,buffer.length); TMarshal.Move(mData,0,FBuffer.Handle,0,Buffer.length);
  14. That's sooo much better - I've now bought the pro version. it really would pay you dividends to update the exe and demos on your download link though, its currently on version
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