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  1. Thank you for looking into this (and applying a fix). Below is just some additional data in case you ever encounter some version of it again: The only way I've been able to somewhat reliably trigger it happening, is by jumping back and forth between two demo projects (not sure if it matters which ones, I've been using the Archimedes and PolyShape canvas demos) - opening via Windows Explorer - and some random combination of: closing tabs with "close all others" / "close all to the right" double clicking forms/units/project files in the project tree ctrl-clicking RTL unit names from within the editor occasionally running the project ... and then exiting the IDE by closing the window, before opening the other project But I haven't been able to make it happen truly deterministically. It takes a few cycles of the above, alternating between the two projects, with no obvious trigger. I had the thought that maybe I was opening a new project before the old one finished closing entirely, since I had been going through all the demos somewhat rapidly. But attempting to open/close them as fast as possible doesn't appear any more likely to trigger it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. By the way, it happened again (keyboard shortcuts got corrupted). I replaced with the provided keyboard_shortcuts.zip again and it's back to normal. Somehow these two entries are getting added: <Cmd> <Command>64000</Command> <ShortCut>24658</ShortCut> <ShortCut2>0</ShortCut2> </Cmd> <Cmd> <Command>64001</Command> <ShortCut>24656</ShortCut> <ShortCut2>0</ShortCut2> </Cmd>
  3. That did the trick, thank you! I can see by diffing the files that a couple of things changed. Any idea how that happened? To my knowledge I never played with the keyboard shortcuts settings directly. But I had gone into the preferences a few times to explore other things (mainly skins, also turning off "scroll past end of line").
  4. Sent 3 bug reports [with subject "Bugreport (IDE crash on double clicking forms/units)"]. Let me know if you need any other information.
  5. Unfortunately it's happening on all project files (I am specifically attempting to open any of the Featured Demos). I only recently installed it, and I'd say it worked for opening maybe 10-15 sample projects before it broke and refused to open any more. Er, more specifically, project files open, but attempting to double-click any of the forms/units in the project is what triggers the crash. I will install a desktop mail client so I can send you a few automatic bug reports, maybe that will help figuring out the cause.
  6. Problem persists after reboot. I can't send the automatic bug report because I don't have a system email client and the Windows<->Gmail integration is not working. Any way of doing that manually?
  7. Version "Failed to register and change active page, system threw exception ESynKeyError with message Shortcut already exists." Is there a background process I need to kill? Because the IDE hangs on attempting to open any project file (form/unit/css), and killing it with Task Manager does not seem to remedy the issue. I haven't tried rebooting yet because I have some other important work open. But I can report back later to see if that fixes the issue.
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