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  1. DelphiNoob

    Learning Smart Mobile Studio

    It's been about a month and a bit that I started using Smart Mobile Studio and often I run into a problem but struggle to find the resources to help me out. Smart Mobile Studio forums has helped me a lot but there are times where I would like to figure it out myself or would like to solve the problem ASAP. Can anyone recommend a website I can go to learn more about Smart Mobile Studio? Thanks.
  2. DelphiNoob

    Getting user's input from input box

    Yes this is perfect! I haven't actually came across the prompt yet. Thanks @jarto and @Daniel Eiszele
  3. DelphiNoob

    Getting user's input from input box

    Alright. Well then is there an alternative to get an input from the user?
  4. DelphiNoob

    Getting user's input from input box

    For some reason I can't get the input box to show on screen once the program is started. This is basically my code: procedure TForm1.Form1Click(Sender: TObject); var name : String; begin name := InputBox('Name', 'what is your name?', ''); ShowMessage(name); end; Am I missing something? Is there something I need to add onto uses or simply put, is this the complete incorrect syntax? Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks
  5. DelphiNoob

    Building an application

    Hi there. I have made a few test programs on sms and would like to see how it turns out on my android phone however, I have been struggling to get an apk of some sort onto my phone to test the program. Please, if you know how to test the program on a mobile device let me know, thank you.