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  1. Yes, you should have received an e-mail with a license key. I've sent you a temproray key now. You can use the installer on https://smartmobilestudio.com/trial/
  2. jorn

    Auto payment for SMS

    Mail received, and mission accomplished 🙂
  3. jorn

    Auto payment for SMS

    Hi Ken. Sorry for your inconvenience! We switched from Gumroad to Stripe in May 2018, so you probably purchased trough the Stripe solution. You should be able to log on to either of the services (gumroad.com or stripe.com), and cancel the subscription from there. Just use "forgot password" to get a new password. I cannot find any email from you. Sorry. I will gladly help you to sort out the cancelation, if you cannot figure it out yourself. Just send me an email, so that I'm sure that I stop the right subscription! Take care! - Jørn
  4. OK. Thanks for the heads up! We must look into the issue of renewals, for sure. Maybe Stripe has changes something. We don't want to appear as some kind of a dodgy company. The customer should always be aware of the renewals.
  5. Just in case you're wondering: we are looking into the clientarea-stuff. We don't have the same logging for emails here, so we need to dig a bit to figure out what's happening. Stay tuned.
  6. Just hit "I forgot my password" and use the mail you use for your license.
  7. OK. We'll see what we can do to improve that. We already use very reliable SMTP-provider, and we have authenticated our domain. Still, we experience that some ISP's are very strict when it comes to such e-mails. Can you check if you license key is listed under "My licenses" on clientarea.smartmobilestudio.com?
  8. An email with the subject "Your License Key" was sent to you from post@smartmobilestudio.com on November 18th, 05:23:50 PM. Can you re-check your inbox/spam-folder?
  9. It should work as you explain, @IElite You get a license key, and this gives you access to all updates for a year. After that, you can still use your latest version of the software forever - even if you unsubscribe. When it's time for renewal, you should get a reminder from Stripe (or Gumroad) upfront. You should also get a new mail with a new license key once the renewal was carried out. There are some cases where the access to the software is locked after a certain amount of time. This happens to trial keys and educational key. So if you are on an edu.license, th
  10. Also: use jea@ to adress me, and jt@ to adress Jarto. Noone uses ja@ around here 😉 Best thing would be to use support@. Then the whole team will be notified, and we won't loose the request. It will be kept and tracked in Zendesk.
  11. I can't tell exactly what's wrong in your case, but it's perfectly doable. We have done it here, for example: https://showcases.smartmobilestudio.com/portfolio/missile-command/
  12. jorn

    License (Gumroad)

    As Jarto says: We agree with you on your Gumroad-thoughts. That's why we have moved away from Gumroad, and started using Stripe instead. The license _was_ sent to the registrered email when the subscription was automatically renewed. Some months ago. Did you try to re-request the license from Gumroad or something? If so, then I suppose that we don't get any notification of this on our side.
  13. 1) Yes. Gumroad was late with this renewal. 2) Yes, you receive a new key each year. (The key says that you can use Smart forever, but only the versions build before the expiry date. Edu keys and trial keys don't let you use smart forever). 3) Ordinary "workflow" ;-) ... but it looked strange since your old key expired on 11/11. 4) Yes. As you already figured. We don't have any particular plan to update this license key regime in the near future - even if we have loads of ideas on how this can be improved. We'll need to focus on a few other essential issues f
  14. Ok. I'll look into that. support@smartmobilestudio.com is the best way to get in touch with us. Any mail to this will notify the entire team, and it will be handled as soon an possible. We have had some issues with the key provider over the last few weeks, but never figured out what's wrong (as we're not able to reproduce the problem). In some cases it has even been security issues on the client side. Spam-folder or firewall-settings etc.
  15. Yeah. Sure it is easy to implement Paypal and Stripe etc. It was easy to implement Gumroad too. The time consuming part was to configure it to be as smooth as possible, and test that it actually work as intended. The main problem with moving to another solution, is that we need to transfer all the existing customers and all the recurring subscriptions. (I don't see it as very smart to have multiple solutions simultaneously). And, you know, once you need to move millions of records, it's a process that you just don't jump right into ;-)
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