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  1. jorn

    Another GumRoad License Problem

    Also: use jea@ to adress me, and jt@ to adress Jarto. Noone uses ja@ around here 😉 Best thing would be to use support@. Then the whole team will be notified, and we won't loose the request. It will be kept and tracked in Zendesk.
  2. jorn

    Embed SMS Form Project in WordPress Page?

    I can't tell exactly what's wrong in your case, but it's perfectly doable. We have done it here, for example: https://showcases.smartmobilestudio.com/portfolio/missile-command/
  3. jorn

    License (Gumroad)

    As Jarto says: We agree with you on your Gumroad-thoughts. That's why we have moved away from Gumroad, and started using Stripe instead. The license _was_ sent to the registrered email when the subscription was automatically renewed. Some months ago. Did you try to re-request the license from Gumroad or something? If so, then I suppose that we don't get any notification of this on our side.
  4. jorn

    New Alpha update

    1) Yes. Gumroad was late with this renewal. 2) Yes, you receive a new key each year. (The key says that you can use Smart forever, but only the versions build before the expiry date. Edu keys and trial keys don't let you use smart forever). 3) Ordinary "workflow" ;-) ... but it looked strange since your old key expired on 11/11. 4) Yes. As you already figured. We don't have any particular plan to update this license key regime in the near future - even if we have loads of ideas on how this can be improved. We'll need to focus on a few other essential issues first. But once we add support for in-app purchasing of third party components, and themes, and you-name-it, it will be necessary to review the authentication model, and move on to an IDE login or something similar.
  5. jorn

    License Expired

    Ok. I'll look into that. support@smartmobilestudio.com is the best way to get in touch with us. Any mail to this will notify the entire team, and it will be handled as soon an possible. We have had some issues with the key provider over the last few weeks, but never figured out what's wrong (as we're not able to reproduce the problem). In some cases it has even been security issues on the client side. Spam-folder or firewall-settings etc.
  6. jorn

    gumroad sucks!

    Yeah. Sure it is easy to implement Paypal and Stripe etc. It was easy to implement Gumroad too. The time consuming part was to configure it to be as smooth as possible, and test that it actually work as intended. The main problem with moving to another solution, is that we need to transfer all the existing customers and all the recurring subscriptions. (I don't see it as very smart to have multiple solutions simultaneously). And, you know, once you need to move millions of records, it's a process that you just don't jump right into ;-)
  7. jorn

    gumroad sucks!

    What goes wrong?
  8. jorn

    gumroad sucks!

    Yeah. I agree that Gumroad was way soother back when we first started to use it. But I don't share your experiences to the extent you're describing. (still: That doesn't mean that we won't have a look at other solutions. I can ensure you that.) --- 5 minutes later: --- I've been playing with this in various situations, and I see that the main problem with the overlay interface is new purchases for existing accounts. (Normally, the subscription would just run, and the management of the subscription would happen on the gumroad-page, not the smart-page). For brand new users, it should be simple enough to just hit the Gumroad-button and click "Subscribe". When ready to pay, just hit the "Pay"-button and add account- and card/paypal-information. (I have NO idea why your attempt was refused. Perhaps because there already was an account on the e-mailadress, og perhaps you just ran into some arbitrary security-suff in the VISA-world. I have no idea, and I totally agree that that's not good). For existing users, you need to be logged on to gumroad. There are two ways to do this: 1) Goto gumroad.com and log in. (The login will be remembered when you move on to the smart store and add items to the basket). 2) It is possible to log on directly from the smart site as well. But you must have an item in the basket to log in, and this item disappears once you log in. (And that is very stupid for sure). One you add an item to the basket, you'll also see the gumroad login-icon next to the basket count item (top right). Click this icon and "log in". When you're logged in, click the button for the edition you want, and then click "Subscribe". (Do that twice in your case). The basket count will increase as you add items to the basket. Click "Pay", and you'll see that you wont be requested to create a new account. (You'll see your logged in e-mail instead). The card-info must always be entered when using Gumroad (afaik), due to security reasons, they don't keep such information along with your account. They just use it for each transaction. I definitely see that it is easy to get lost here, particularly when you're not following the mainstream purchase flow. (That's one of the drawback with creating stuff dead simple). We will have a look at alternative options. We have already some experience with Stripe, and that's definitely a good candidate. Sorry for the inconvenience you have had in this matter.
  9. jorn

    Pathfinding routine

    Did you see this: https://www.delphitools.info/2012/03/13/old-school-maze-pascal-to-javascript/
  10. jorn

    Possible security issue on this forum

    The issue is fixed now.
  11. jorn

    virteq.com ???

    FYI: As you see in the footer of the Forum, Virteq is simply the provider of the IPB Skin templated we used for the site. We are looking into the issue, but the work requires a bit more job than first anticipated. We need to update the whole board to v4, as v3.x is no longer supported.
  12. jorn

    Possible security issue on this forum

    FYI: As you see in the footer of the Forum, Virteq is simply the provider of the IPB Skin templated we used for the site. We are looking into the issue, but the work requires a bit more job than first anticipated. We need to update the whole board to v4, as v3.x is no longer supported.
  13. jorn

    Hey there

    A few quick answers: 1) This forum is the official discussion forum for Smart Mobile Studio. It's bit more tedious to use that most social networks, so we usually see more indepth topics here. More lightweight discussion and random sharings happen more often on social media. (Particularly the Facebook group "Delphi Developers"). The Smart Team is monitoring and managing the forum, but it's heavily driven by the community itself. It looks like we will be able to assign some dedicated resources to be more active here, very soon. 2) IMO, The Smart Book is still very relevant. The basics are not dated. In chapter 6 and 7 (Controls and RTL), a lot of the information will be recognizable in the new RTL too. It's smart to get familiar with the way of thinking and the underlying architecture that binds the broswer DOM and JavaScript world to the Pascal code. 3) The author (Jon Lennart Aasenden) is very busy with the RTL-updates these days. I'm not sure what his plan is regarding the book. 4) Which browser are you using? The demo works for me, AFAICT... (Chrome, latest version).
  14. jorn

    virteq.com ???

    Where do you get this?
  15. jorn

    Is it planned to implement Generics?

    Eric must chime in on the progress of this. What I can say, is that it has been discussed for a loooong time. And that it has been on the wish list for a looong time. That said. When we add support for this, we want it to be more like C++ templates (than Delphi/C# generics). That is way more robust, but also very cumbersome to implement. Just imagine all the unit tests you'd have to create to cover all aspects.