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  1. How can I implement google-play-scraper in sms? It uses nodejs and javascript.
  2. Works just fine but I want to do that while populating grid cells. try vv:= TJson.parse(Sender.ResponseText); cv.RowCount:= 182; for i:= 0 to cv.RowCount - 1 do Begin cv.Cells[i,0]:=vv.countryitems['0'][inttostr(i+1)].title; cv.Cells[i,1]:=vv.countryitems['0'][inttostr(i+1)].total_cases; cv.Cells[i,2]:=vv.countryitems['0'][inttostr(i+1)].total_new_cases_today; cv.Cells[i,3]:=vv.countryitems['0'][inttostr(i+1)].total_deaths; cv.Cells[i,4]:=vv.countryitems['0'][inttostr(i+1)].total_new_deaths_today; cv.Cells[i,5]:=vv.countryitems['0'][inttost
  3. Is it possible to set color or background of TStringGrid Cell?
  4. Thank you so much for your help. All works just fine this way, it can't be done better than that (easy, clear and flexible). Again, thank you.
  5. Thanks a lot for your immediate response, this is a great big step forward.
  6. I tested it and it works like a charm. I would like you to help with P5JS
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