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  1. Hi, I have two forms, is it possible to copy some controls on the first form to the second form with exactly same left and top positions?
  2. Hi, I want listbox items word-wrapped, i want long text displayed as two lines, can i do that? And another question: can i change item font, color, size, height etc. ?
  3. How long does the local storage values are kept in browser's local storage? Is there a expiration time that is automatically deleted?
  4. How can i declare a function or procedure which is accessible to all forms? I tried uses ..., public declaration but it didn't work.
  5. i tested on xiomi redmi 4x (resolution is 1280x720) ok i will try on other devices and try rendering suggestion.
  6. Hi, i load image to a tw3image control by below code: image1.LoadFromUrl('http://selcuklubilsem.com/sample/Line.jpg'); You can see this on the page: http://selcuklubilsem.com/sample/index.html The page is well shown (clear) on windows machines but in mobile phone (android) the image is blurry, why this happens? I tested with chrome. Note: I changed imagefit property to fsnone. I'm using sms 3.9.1 See attachment picture please.
  7. Can you post the code you used? Maybe it is better.
  8. Hi, i searched over internet and found some usefull scripts. (Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12381563/how-to-stop-browser-back-button-using-javascript ) When you add following javascript codes before </head> tag of index.html it works. <script language="javascript"> history.pushState(null, document.title, location.href); window.addEventListener('popstate', function (event) { history.pushState(null, document.title, location.href); }); </script> </head> I tested on windows (firefox and chrome) and on android cell phone (chrome brow
  9. I tried your code but it doesn't work. I tested on android (chrome) and windows (firefox). When i press back button of my cell phone below ( near home and recent apps button) it goes back to previous page, i don't want that. I want the visitor stay on my page-my application. In windows it's not so important but in cell phones it is important.
  10. How can i disable back button on android chrome browser? You wrote some code below which gives errors when i compile,so which units should i write to uses section?
  11. Thanks that made the solution. Now on windows and android phone a nice scrollbar is shown and it works. I face problems using IDE sometimes, i can write them here when i got time. And this topic is related to IDE i think but i posted to "code" section by mistake, you may move it if you want.
  12. Thats nice. I tried to copy and paste from character map of windows and it didnt work but this works, thanks.
  13. Hi, I want to display some signs on the label for example a left arrow sign, an enter sign like on keyboard, can i do that? for example can i implement wingdings 2 font family to a label, is it possible?
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