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  1. Hi,

    I want listbox items word-wrapped, i want long text displayed as two lines, can i do that?

    And another question: can i change item font, color, size, height etc. ?

  2. Hi,

    i load image to a tw3image control by below code:

    You can see this on the page:  http://selcuklubilsem.com/sample/index.html

    The page is well shown (clear) on windows machines but in mobile phone (android) the image is blurry, why this happens? I tested with chrome.
    Note: I changed imagefit property to fsnone. I'm using sms 3.9.1

    See attachment picture please.


  3. Hi, i searched over internet and found some usefull scripts. (Source: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12381563/how-to-stop-browser-back-button-using-javascript )
    When you add following javascript codes before </head> tag of index.html it works.

    <script language="javascript">
    history.pushState(null, document.title, location.href);
    window.addEventListener('popstate', function (event)
      history.pushState(null, document.title, location.href);

    I tested on windows (firefox and chrome) and on android cell phone (chrome browser). That's exactly what i want. When back button is pressed nothing happens and the edit boxes and information entered on the active page is not lost.

    Can someone try this at iOs devices?


  4. I tried your code but it doesn't work. I tested on android (chrome) and windows (firefox). When i press back button of my cell phone below ( near home and recent apps button) it goes back to previous page, i don't want that. I want the visitor stay on my page-my application. In windows it's not so important but in cell phones it is important.

  5. How can i disable back button on android chrome browser? You wrote some code below which gives errors when i compile,so  which units should i write to uses section?


    On 1/12/2019 at 2:14 PM, jarto said:
    procedure TForm1.onBackKeyDown(eventObj: JEvent);
      //Here do the right thing based on any variable in your app.
      //Call preventDefault if you do not want your app to close.
    procedure TForm1.onDeviceReady(eventObj: JEvent);
      document.addEventListener('backbutton', onBackKeyDown, false);
    procedure TForm1.bindEvents;
      document.addEventListener('deviceready', onDeviceReady, false);

    Probably something like this.


  6. Thanks that made the solution. Now on windows and android phone a nice scrollbar is shown and it works.

    I face problems using IDE sometimes, i can write them here when i got time. And this topic is related to IDE i think but i posted to "code" section by mistake, you may move it if you want.

  7. Hi wish you good day,

    I placed a listbox on the form and entered a lot of items. When i compile it and test on browser vertical scrollbar is not displayed, but when i mouse over it it is displayed and it is a tiny scrollbar. So i tried to change scrollbars property to "sbscrollbar" by property inspector, when i compile it gives error "Unknown name "TW3ScrollBarType"

    How can i show a wide normal scrollbar on listbox?

  8. Hi,

    I'm trying to add newlines with code for example:


    in chrome the result is as expected:


    BUT in firefox (old or newest version it's the same) the result is not correct as below:


    I added three <br> but it only makes 1 linebreak, why? How can i solve this? I tried #13#10 and it didn't work on chrome or firefox either.

  9. I have a panel which contains a lot of content. When i use:


    on windows scrolling is OK and firefox and chrome shows scrollbars. But when i test it on my android phone with chrome, scrollbars aren't displayed. How can i show vertical scrollbars so the user can understand there is content below?

    And there is tw3verticalscrollbar visual control on scrolling tab, how to use it?
    And what are the difference between tw3scrollbox and tw3nativescrollbox? How to use tw3scrollbox? I need documentation about using most of the controls.

  10. i wanted to add long content by property inspector. What if i want to add 2 pages of text to the memo, how difficult it would be add such text by code.. I think a memo control should get multiline content at design time, that's why it's name is memo. Also i cannot access a line like this w3memo.Lines[3] etc..

  11. Thank you, I tried both codes on windows and android, Jartos codes gave better results on scrolling-swiping. By the way i have two other questions if you may help:

    1. is there a timer control? In delphi there is a timer control on system tab.

    2. tw3memo control doesn't have lines property. For example if i write 3 lines like this on note pad:


    and copy-paste them to twmemo's text property in only pastes the first line (Apple), how can i fill memo with multi line content?

  12. I'm testing SMS nowadays. The documentation is not enough. I'm trying to learn most of things from forum and searching internet. The book is not enough too.

    About license I applied for education license (I am a teacher) but i couldn't get a reply. I won't use this software for commercial, can't i get at least one education license for longer testing.

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