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  1. i succeeded by following code: procedure TForm1.InitializeForm; begin inherited; // this is a good place to initialize components Application.FormByName('form1').NativeScrolling:=true; end; with above code, scrolling is fine on windows (firefox and chrome), and swiping is ok on android (chrome and mi browser). But i have two questions 1. There is a big size memo on my form, swiping (scrolling) is ok outside area of this memo, but it is not swiping when i try to swipe over memo, how can i enable swiping-scrolling everywhere? 2. why can't i access to form by d
  2. Where is NativeScrolling property?
  3. Hi, I have 5 editboxes on the form and i want to select some of them (by holding shift or ctrl key) and copy and paste them, isn't that possible? My next question is i used smartupdate but i couldn't upgrade to version 3.9 alpha or 4.0. How can i do that. I'm using trial 3.0.2 version.
  4. Thank you for your replies. By your help i figured out a solution. Firts i gave a tagValue for the editboxes i want to access directly. Then: var editIndexArray: array [1..100] of integer; var n: integer=0; for var i := 0 to self.getChildCount - 1 do if self.getChildObject(i) is TW3EditBox then begin if (TW3EditBox(self.getChildObject(i)).TagValue=2) then begin n:=n+1; editIndexArray[n]:=i; end; end; TW3EditBox(self.getChildObject(editIndexArray[1])).Text:='some text'; ____________________________ Thiw way i can d
  5. Hi all, How can i do below delphi codes with smart mobile visual application? var d: integer; p: array [1..5] of ^tedit; begin p[1]:= @edit1; p[2]:= @edit2; p[3]:= @edit3; p[4]:= @edit4; p[5]:= @edit5; for d:=1 to 5 do begin p[d].Text:=inttostr(d); end; end;
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