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  1. Blade

    License Code Issue

    Thanks to Jarto and Jörn this issue has been totally resolved and I'm very pleased
  2. Thank you Jarto and Jörn for resolving the issue. I was worried, but guys have relieved any fears. It also appears that the e-mail exchanges were going into SPAM, so glad that was corrected. Please keep up the good work and looking forward to the Smart Mobile Studio 4 release.
  3. I have sent multiple e-mails to support and have gotten no response, going on weeks now. Sent messages to "Contact Us" of this website and no response. Posted a message on the support sub-forum and it has gone unanswered. Is this software no longer being supported? Customers and the general public should know.
  4. Reading the forums, I thought the issue of when the license code expires, that users can still use that version of the program and not update. It appears from reading the forum that this flaw in the program was supposed be fixed, but appears not. Upon the my license expiring, the program no longer works and asks for a new license code? How is this to be resolved?
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